Friday, September 7, 2012

Knitting in circles

Its probably the wrong time of the year to be doing this, but last week I came accross this book and had to buy it.
I have never knitted a hat before, other than a baby bonnet.  Another first for me was knitting on a circular knitting needle.  Years ago I recall using a large one of these to knit a bat-wing jumper (it was in the 80's) and I needed the length to hold all of the stitches, but it was not a circular pattern.
I had to change my knitting technique to handle the short needles, but I have the hang of it now. I only got the band and the increasing to start the lace pattern tonight, but since its almost midnight I didn't dare start the pattern part as my sleepy head would be sure to mess it all up.  I took this photo at about the half way mark on the band when it occurred to me that I should keep a record of my first knitted hat.

DH and I went for dinner at his mums house earlier in the week and I was telling her about this book, DH's sister Sylvana passed away 5 years ago from cancer, and as the only knitter in the family I was given two large tubs of assorted wool and needles etc, including these circular knitting needles.

 It seems appropriate to me to knit my first hat for Rina,  as the wool and needles did belong to her daughter.  So shhh, no telling, and I will pop a picture on when I have finished.  DH chose the pattern and its the green one you can see in the picture, a Beret of sorts with a lace pattern.  This suits Rina as she speaks French at home as this is her first language.  He also wanted me to make it in red.

I have also opened an Etsy shop to sell some of the pile of quilts in my closet, and I decided to make a few simple teddy ones to sell as well, so lets see how that goes.  Here is a sweet one that I made this week, I have called it candy apple teddy as the colours remind me of candy apples.


  1. Look forward to seeing your first knitted hat finished.. Nice colour you are using...

    Waht a sweet little Teddy quilt Sue

  2. Nothing is nicer on a cold day than a warm, wooly knitted hat.

  3. Gorgeous pattern for the hat... so enjoy Sue. Also GOOD LUCK with your sales too. :)

  4. Love the hat on the front cover... what a great idea to start and Etsy shop xxx

  5. Looks like you've got a good start on your first hat. Love the red. The origins of the wool and who the hat is for especially touched my heart.

    Good luck with the shop ... should be a good time of year for it!

    pnconverse (at) hotmail (dot) com


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