Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fathers day + some updated sewing pics

It was a lovely spring morning, and we were woken up at 8am with Nicole and jack turning up at our house with breakfast provisions to cook us a Fathers day breakfast.

Jacks new taste sensation was dipping strawberries into his egg, yummy.  He has also never had orange juice as mummy only ever gives him water or Milk, but he had some as a special treat today.

I have also had a pretty busy week in my sewing room

I have already shared these items with you, but today was lovely and sunny and I really wanted to get some better photos of them.

Here are my first two patio cushions, getting ready for some comfortable summer dining.

You can also see this cushion in the photo with Jack, so its already being put to good use.

And here is the completed jelly roll sampler quilt, with a better photo in the light of day. I am going to give this to my MIL #2, as MIL #1 received the very same one in the butterscotch and roses colour way.


  1. what a lovely start to the day... strawberries and egg... hmmmm not sure i will try that one.... I am going to do that jelly roll sampler quilt... one day... yours is lovely... great choice of fabric...

  2. As always your stitching is wonderful. Looks like a great start to your day.

  3. How nice for Dad and you to have brekky with your DD and Jack..
    Interesting combination Jack!!!!!!!

    Love your Jelly roll sampler quilt...

  4. Love your new cushions and quilt


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