Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday sorting- Welcome to the 2nd half of 2012

I dont have any sewing to show for this week, mainly because like most people at this time of the year I have been a bit under the weather.  I have also had to visit the physio a couple of times this week as I am a danger to myself when I sleep.  Can you believe that?

I woke up on Wednesday morning and could not turn my head, and I was as sore and stiff as I have ever been.  Two treatments later and I am starting to feel a bit better but still have a viral thing making me a bit achy as well.  Apparantly I need to change the way I sleep, hhmm I dont know that i can really do much about it when I am asleep.

Any how, today I have been blog hopping and have been looking at blogs in particular about stash building and colour selection.  When you do this it makes you look at your own stash with different eyes.

I have been keeping all of my scraps in plastic storage tubs sorted by colour and my ft quarters in larger tubs sorted in ranges.  You know, shabby chic together, but also ranges like French general or Me and My sisters together, which has been a bit of a colour mish mash. 

So being all inspired after reading blogs it seems most people sort purely by colour.  I decided to clear out my scrap tubs and get rid of any bits less than about 2 inches square (yes I was keeping tiny pieces) and also I have got rid of odd shapes ones, you know the funny shapes left over when you cut out something for applique - yes I was keeping those to.

I found a lot more strips in my scraps so I have filled up my strip bin again - time to make some more strips squares.

See the boxes with half fat quarters and half scraps, that took me most of today to do as I pressed the fabric as I went to get it nice again.  How do others sort their scraps - do you keep all the little bits?

I decided to keep my spots and stripes together and have them stored in the tub that once housed all of my fat quarters

During the week, DH was given two jars of buttons for me, I havent rummaged through them yet, but the one with coloured buttons certainly has some interesting little specimins, I love them in the old jam jars

Lastly but by no means least its time to write my White rabbit list for July
I managed to complete most of last month which was not a bad effort for some one that hasnt done a great deal of sewing this week.

  1. Three Trinket box blocks DONE  (completed flimsy)
  2. Four farmers wife blocks
  3. QBSA block for July - DONE
  4. Christmas block for July DONE
  5. 6 inch blocks for July
  6. First Fat Quarter shop Mystery BOM
  7. June and July's Shabby cottage blocks
  8. Pin and quilt jelly roll sampler quilt
  9. Christmas mug rug swap DONE
Looks like I should keep myself out of trouble with that lot.


  1. I don't have a very large stash, mainly due to the fact that I don't have a sewing room to put it in! I keep almost all my scraps after reading about crumb quilts a few months back. I'm planning on making one at some stage in the next 12 months so I might change my mind after that but who knows?!

  2. Please, when you finish sorting yours come and sort mine!

  3. An impressive stash.... I do keep almost all my scraps... I never know when I might need that little bit!!! I am so enjoying using them up as well...

  4. Very impressive tidy up there Sue. I have to admit I'm a "keeper" of small bits as I love to use them up in my applique. I can usually find just the perfect piece in the bins somewhere! But I can appreciate the need to clean out sometimes too!
    Well done on your effort! :)

  5. I thought everyone keep all those little bits and pieces. I do admit mine need a good tidy...and may be some bigger boxes, or maybe less fabric :)


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