Thursday, July 12, 2012

Storage boxes

Where do you store your scraps.

I have my selvidges in here

and I have my strip scraps in here

And if you have been following my blog you would have seen where I keep all of my other scraps.

Blog hopping tonight I came across these

How pretty would this look all sitting on a shelf.   Amanda Jean from crazy mom quilts *here is the creator of these.

And the very clever and talented Annie from flower garden made a fabulous selvidge version I am sure she wont mind me sharing it with you.

Jump on over to Amanda's simple tutorial and make some for yourself.  Certainly something to put on the wish list to make.  I think I will make pretty ones using left over fabric in my Trinket box quilt, speaking of which.......................look what I have been doing this week, I really need to get this completed before I make a start on the storage cubes.  I have been making the Seminole borders for the trinket box quilt. 

I hope you have liked what I have shared with you today,  Quilted hugs, Sue x


  1. What fabulous cubes BUT at the moment I do not need to start a new project but will keep them in mind for gifts. thank you Sue.
    Love the fabrics for your Trickets quilt.

  2. Aren't they great little boxes .... and your trinket box quilt is looking so pretty....

  3. I'm reading a book I borrowed from my library about scraps and a system to use them. I'm at work but I might have to blog about it when I get home as it seems a sensible approach from what I've read so far. I haven't use the lovely scraps you sent me yet but they're in my scrap box which is now full to overflowing (lucky its got a lid!). I have more urgent jobs to finish though before I start to tackle it but I'm definitely using them within 6 months.

  4. It was so nice and a good job for you dear. Keep everything organize.

    storage boxes

  5. I have draws for my fabric collection then store my scraps in plastic boxes, but sort by colour. Then the purpose cut scrap strips and squares are stored in zip lock bags. I LOVE the fabric boxes that you linked about, I think I am going to have to make some of those for some funky storage in and out of the sewing room! Happy quilting Sue SA.

  6. Love those boxes... sooo pretty! But your borders look fantastic...also very pretty!!! :)


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