Friday, July 13, 2012

FNSI report

Yay, what a night, but boy I am bushed.

First I made a fabric storage box with  a selvidge front to store my selvidges.

 After a mid evening tea break I found a new home for it, I made this quite large (12 inches square) as I was running out of room in my sparkly box.  That's where my vintage buttons have now gone to live.

After a bit of shuffling I got back to work on my trinket box quilt, finishing of the Seminole border and stitching it all on.  And YAY, another flimsy done.  This design is called Trinket box and was designed by Rebecca Johnson.  The pattern features in Homespun magazine Easter issue.  I am going to name mine Candy as the colours in my version reminds me of the candy necklaces that I used to eat as a little girl

I now have four flimsy''s sitting in the "too be quilted pile" so I really need to get a crack on with that.  Well my friends, I am pretty sleepy so night night.


  1. You did have a great FNSI. Thr box lloks great and I love your "Candy" quilt.

  2. Somehow all my selvedges are short and miss the colourful dot bits, but definitely going to find time to make one of those boxes! The quilt is gorgeous and your pieced border very impressive, really finishes it off beautifully.

  3. Love the basket and a great idea too... your quilt looks wonderful I bet you are really pleased with it xxx

  4. You were busy!!!! Love the "Candy" pretty... and the little box is a cutie and so useful too! Great FNSI Sue! :)

  5. Fantastic box! FNSI is just starting for me. As soon as I finish watering the garden, take the dog for a walk and make supper (you would call it tea).

  6. Hi-I just followed the path from Maria's blog to yours. I love the flimsy you have on the bottom of your blog. I am going to try to find the pattern. It may be just what I am looking for!

  7. The "Candy" quilt top is cute!! I always loved those candy necklaces when I was little.

    Visiting via FNSI--sure looks like you had a successful one. :)

  8. Wow Sue, you were busy on Friday night....some great finishes!!!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox


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