Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flower pot cat

Does your cat do strange things, mine certainly does.  I was enjoying a cuppa under the pergola as its a warm and sunny winters day today in Adelaide, and look what I spotted in the flowerpot-Josephine.

When I first saw her she was curled around the pot but she sat up when she saw me with  the camera.  I guess this daisy is in a sunny spot.

On the sewing front not a lot to report.  I have made two more trinket box squares and plan to make two more.  The pattern for the quilt in Home Spun magazine is for 16 blocks, but I only have 10 fabrics in this range so rather than repeat some I have decided to make mine  a bit smaller in a 3x3 pattern rather than a 4 x 4.  The two fabrics I have remaining are one pink and two green so I will make one of each and use the second green in the border some how.  I have not joined them yet, they are just pinned on my design wall.

This weekends plan is to get my Christmas block swap done, as well as my Christmas mug rug swap, so may have to put on Michael Buble's Christmas album to inspire me while I sew.

Leo and Ziva are coming for a sleep over tonight which is very exciting and a little bit scary as I have never had two sleep over at once.  So lets see if I get much sleep done tonight. Or much sewing done for that matter.

Well, must go, need to get to the supermarket before my overnight guests arrive.


  1. The trinket boxes are looking so lovely.... have fun with your sleep over... so exciting

  2. Yes my puppy finds funny sunny spot to sleep in too.
    Your trinket blocks look pretty..
    Enjoy your overnight guests..

  3. Love your trinket boxes, very pretty. If there's a warm spot a cat will always find it! What a pretty cat Josephine is!


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