Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Cushion Swap

I love making cushions, they can really change the look of a room.

                                                                   There are pretty cushions for your bed

FUN cushions for your outdoor furniture

Or practical decorator cushions for your lounge room

What kind of cushions do YOU  like to make and receive?

Join me in the fun of my inaugural

Register now,

Swappers will make each other a cushion cover of their colour choice

To register pop a comment on this post with the following information on it
Your name
Your cushion preference (bedroom, lounge room or outdoor)
Your colour preference

Sue B

Make sure you are a no reply blogger so I can email you to get your address details to complete the registration.  Registrations close on 18th August and partners will be allocated once I have contacted everyone to confirm details.  I will then allocate one month for swappers to make and send their partner a cushion cover.

 I need to be able to email you, and a lot of registrations have no email attached to your contact, please email me to confirm your swap place at

I am away on holidays from 3rd - 17th August and may have limited access to emails so please be patient if you do not hear from me,  I will get back to everyone once I have arrived home.
NOTE: If you are a member of QBSA I wont need your address as I have that on file

OASS - Spring Swap

 I am taking part in Cherylls Once a Season Swap (OASS), and this months theme is Spring, as we all know its just around the corner.

When I signed up for the fat Quarter Shops Mystery BOM, they included a mini charm pack of the Vintage modern range of fabrics.  - all in lovely cheerful colours.

I have been seeing a lot of Postage stamp blocks appearing around the place, so what better way to use up the charm pack.  I made a Postage stamp cushion cover using this charm pack.

I am really happy with how it turned, out, so now to made a few extra goodies to tuck in with this gift

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The same star

I have not done any sewing in over a week, I guess its the excitement of going on holidays and finalising travel plans, (the finals of Masterchef), work committments blah blah blah.

But I did get a couple of hours in today and made block 2 of my Fat quarter shop Mystery BOM.  This one is called mint julep

This is the July block, August should arrive just after I get home from Bali.

My August Swap partner in QBSA requested any star in blue or shades of blue so while I was making this block, I made a blue one at the same time.  Its actually quite challenging getting blues to match, and I now know that I dont have any navy blue in my stash so I will have to rectify that.

Its amazing how different a block can look in different colour ways

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An unexpected visitor

DD #3 is expecting a new baby in Feb but she is having a terrible time with morning sickness lasting all day. Today she was admitted hospital to be on a drip to keep her fluids up so Jack has come to spend the night at Nana Sues house..  Here he is all fresh from his bath and having a cuddle with Nonno before bedtime.

Yesterday Block 1 of the Fat quarter shops Mystery designer BOM arrived, so I had to make it straight away.  Just as well that they sent more than enough fabric as I made some silly mistakes and had to redo some bits.  That's why you don't sew when you are sleepy.  I have ordered the sashing and binding set to go with this, I think its going to be a lovely modern fresh quilt if block #1 is anything to go by.

Earlier in the week I finished the quilting on the jelly roll sampler quilt (over two nights) and here it is all folded ready for me to work on the binding.  I am taking a break and will probably get to that on the weekend.

I also completed my 6 inch block swaps for July on Sunday afternoon, pop on over to the 6 inch blog if you want to see what I have made for Chantell

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A lovely sight

My French general jelly roll sampler quilt all pinned and ready for the quilting.

This is the only part of the quilting process that I dont like doing, so whenever I complete this I feel a rush or relief.

Now I have to buy some more batting before I can do any more quilt pinning.

Friday, July 13, 2012

FNSI report

Yay, what a night, but boy I am bushed.

First I made a fabric storage box with  a selvidge front to store my selvidges.

 After a mid evening tea break I found a new home for it, I made this quite large (12 inches square) as I was running out of room in my sparkly box.  That's where my vintage buttons have now gone to live.

After a bit of shuffling I got back to work on my trinket box quilt, finishing of the Seminole border and stitching it all on.  And YAY, another flimsy done.  This design is called Trinket box and was designed by Rebecca Johnson.  The pattern features in Homespun magazine Easter issue.  I am going to name mine Candy as the colours in my version reminds me of the candy necklaces that I used to eat as a little girl

I now have four flimsy''s sitting in the "too be quilted pile" so I really need to get a crack on with that.  Well my friends, I am pretty sleepy so night night.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Storage boxes

Where do you store your scraps.

I have my selvidges in here

and I have my strip scraps in here

And if you have been following my blog you would have seen where I keep all of my other scraps.

Blog hopping tonight I came across these

How pretty would this look all sitting on a shelf.   Amanda Jean from crazy mom quilts *here is the creator of these.

And the very clever and talented Annie from flower garden made a fabulous selvidge version I am sure she wont mind me sharing it with you.

Jump on over to Amanda's simple tutorial and make some for yourself.  Certainly something to put on the wish list to make.  I think I will make pretty ones using left over fabric in my Trinket box quilt, speaking of which.......................look what I have been doing this week, I really need to get this completed before I make a start on the storage cubes.  I have been making the Seminole borders for the trinket box quilt. 

I hope you have liked what I have shared with you today,  Quilted hugs, Sue x

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flower pot cat

Does your cat do strange things, mine certainly does.  I was enjoying a cuppa under the pergola as its a warm and sunny winters day today in Adelaide, and look what I spotted in the flowerpot-Josephine.

When I first saw her she was curled around the pot but she sat up when she saw me with  the camera.  I guess this daisy is in a sunny spot.

On the sewing front not a lot to report.  I have made two more trinket box squares and plan to make two more.  The pattern for the quilt in Home Spun magazine is for 16 blocks, but I only have 10 fabrics in this range so rather than repeat some I have decided to make mine  a bit smaller in a 3x3 pattern rather than a 4 x 4.  The two fabrics I have remaining are one pink and two green so I will make one of each and use the second green in the border some how.  I have not joined them yet, they are just pinned on my design wall.

This weekends plan is to get my Christmas block swap done, as well as my Christmas mug rug swap, so may have to put on Michael Buble's Christmas album to inspire me while I sew.

Leo and Ziva are coming for a sleep over tonight which is very exciting and a little bit scary as I have never had two sleep over at once.  So lets see if I get much sleep done tonight. Or much sewing done for that matter.

Well, must go, need to get to the supermarket before my overnight guests arrive.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesdays treasures - buttons

I am linking up with Melody for the return of Tuesday treasures.  As Melody has been away sick for a few weeks, it so nice to have her back.  Why not pay her a visit HERE

I love old buttons.

Buttons remind me of my childhood days when I used to love sorting through my mum or my Nana's button tins.  Why is it that old buttons always seemed to be kept in old cigarette tins, or biscuit tins.

I have a few old buttons, still in their yellowed plastic cylinders.

But I keep most of my buttons in this big spaghetti jar.
If I am ever throwing away old clothes I always cut off the buttons, even on my hubby's business shirts, you just never know when you will need them, and this is where they go, until I need to do more sorting that is.  

But the buttons that I use every day are in my old Tupperware sewing box, all sorted into colours.  These are eyes for softies, decorations on bookmarks, or buttons on the back of cushions.

I love the idea of finding a set of old medicine bottles or jars and sorting all of my buttons in them by colour to display.  Any ideas on where I can find these?  I have looked in a few bric a brac stores but no luck as yet.

Lucky Lucky me, arriving home from work today to find a surprise squish, and all wrapped up in brown paper that turns out to be old sewing patterns

Look at the special treasures inside - one of Fiona's darling needle holders with such a cute bunny stitchery.

And YAY buttons.  This was a thank you from Fiona as i sent her some Japanese fabrics from my stash for the Japanese themed quilt she is making.  Fiona asked me if I would like some fabric in return and I told her about my love of old buttons.  How cool is it that they arrived in time for my Tuesday treasure button post !!

There was also this oh so cute Owl scissor or mobile phone charm included in the parcel, isnt he a darling.  Thank you sooooo much Fiona.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday sorting- Welcome to the 2nd half of 2012

I dont have any sewing to show for this week, mainly because like most people at this time of the year I have been a bit under the weather.  I have also had to visit the physio a couple of times this week as I am a danger to myself when I sleep.  Can you believe that?

I woke up on Wednesday morning and could not turn my head, and I was as sore and stiff as I have ever been.  Two treatments later and I am starting to feel a bit better but still have a viral thing making me a bit achy as well.  Apparantly I need to change the way I sleep, hhmm I dont know that i can really do much about it when I am asleep.

Any how, today I have been blog hopping and have been looking at blogs in particular about stash building and colour selection.  When you do this it makes you look at your own stash with different eyes.

I have been keeping all of my scraps in plastic storage tubs sorted by colour and my ft quarters in larger tubs sorted in ranges.  You know, shabby chic together, but also ranges like French general or Me and My sisters together, which has been a bit of a colour mish mash. 

So being all inspired after reading blogs it seems most people sort purely by colour.  I decided to clear out my scrap tubs and get rid of any bits less than about 2 inches square (yes I was keeping tiny pieces) and also I have got rid of odd shapes ones, you know the funny shapes left over when you cut out something for applique - yes I was keeping those to.

I found a lot more strips in my scraps so I have filled up my strip bin again - time to make some more strips squares.

See the boxes with half fat quarters and half scraps, that took me most of today to do as I pressed the fabric as I went to get it nice again.  How do others sort their scraps - do you keep all the little bits?

I decided to keep my spots and stripes together and have them stored in the tub that once housed all of my fat quarters

During the week, DH was given two jars of buttons for me, I havent rummaged through them yet, but the one with coloured buttons certainly has some interesting little specimins, I love them in the old jam jars

Lastly but by no means least its time to write my White rabbit list for July
I managed to complete most of last month which was not a bad effort for some one that hasnt done a great deal of sewing this week.

  1. Three Trinket box blocks DONE  (completed flimsy)
  2. Four farmers wife blocks
  3. QBSA block for July - DONE
  4. Christmas block for July DONE
  5. 6 inch blocks for July
  6. First Fat Quarter shop Mystery BOM
  7. June and July's Shabby cottage blocks
  8. Pin and quilt jelly roll sampler quilt
  9. Christmas mug rug swap DONE
Looks like I should keep myself out of trouble with that lot.