Saturday, June 2, 2012

White rabbit list for June

I have not made a white rabbit list for a couple of months and as a result I have been all over the place with my quilting projects.  So I am going to start making lists again and get back on track.

Here is my June list:

  1. Complete the blazing arrows block swap quilt - borders done, ready to be pinned
  2. Complete my Jelly roll sampler quilt - Pinned ready to quilt
  3. Make and send my block swap obligations - QBSA done and Christmas QBSA done
  4. Make at least 4 Farmers wife's blocks
  5. Add one row of Farmers wife's blocks to the quit
  6. Finish my Second PIF gift
  7. Make at least four blocks for my trinket box quilt
I haven't done any sewing for two days, (getting the shakes) so I plan to spend some quality time with my dear bernina tomorrow and strike one of these off the list.

But first I need to get back to the kitchen, we have friends coming for tea and I am cooking an Indian banquet.  Tandoori chicken, chickpea and spinach bahija, lemon rice, home made raita (with my home grown mint), and papadums. Everything is prepared, and ready to go, but it is all cooked quickly (except the Tandoori chicken), which will be popped into the oven soon as its marinating now.   I licked my fingers a little while ago, and although I have washed my hands I could still taste the chilli.   Better use that lightly, its from my own bush and they sure are hot and fiery.


  1. Have a wonderful time tonight... and enjoy the bernina tomorrow. Great compromise I think! :)

  2. Yum, sounds delicious. Hope you all have a wonderful night.

  3. Have a great evening and enjoy your sewing time tomorrow.


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