Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday treasures - old magazines

I am joining up with the lovely Melody from the House on the side of the Hill for Tuesdays treasures.  Melody shared with us an old book which reminded me of some old magazines that I had tucked away.

These belonged to my dear SIL who passed away from cancer just a little over 4 years ago.  Sylvana was a prolific knitter, and me being the only other knitter in the family inherited her boxes of yarn, needles and pattern books and among them were these old woman's magazines.

The first one is the Woman's weekly and is so unlike our thick glossy magazine of today, in fact I think it was a true weekly.  The date of publication of this one is September 26th 1970.

The magazine is filled with short stories, recipes and knitting patterns and has the regulars like ads for Flora margarine, Alcan alfoil and Berlie Bras.

The other two are both New Ideas and again I think Sylvana kept them for their knitting and crochet patterns.
They are both dated 1973 ( May and June) and cost 20 cents to purchase.  There are all the favourite regulars like Ask Prue (fashion questions), understanding your pregnancy and one cook to another and my favourite Mere male - reading these now, nothing has changed except the price.


  1. What great Tuesday Treasures.... I remember the two New Ideas with those patterns...

  2. I can remember when the Women's Weekly (Australian version) was a weekly! I used to love the really old ones my Mum had. They were quite a large format but lighter in weight. My mum used to buy it every week.

  3. Those are such fun to have...

  4. Isn't it great looking thru old copies of mags. Ooohhh how things/fashion has changed!
    Enjoyable post! :)

  5. I think this is an English Womens Weekly, the price looks like 9 pence and we went to $ and Cents in 1966. Also I remember the old English Womens Weekly's with the pink covers.


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