Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday sewing

Silly me, I joined up for FNSI completely forgetting that we had an Adelaide crows home game, so instead I did Sunday sewing.  Maybe I can start a new trend here.

So what did I do today.

Firstly I joined together most of my little sail boats in my Regatta quilt.  These are from blocks received in the 6 inch group, + a couple that I have made.  I am loving how this is looking.  As the blocks are paper pieced I offer a star as an alternative if you cant paper piece.  I think i will have a star in each corner.

I also made one Farmers wife block and joined a row together ready to join to the main quilt.  its amazing how simple little jobs like this take so much time, cutting all the 6 inch strips and the 1&1/2 inch cornerstones.  I am using a black jelly roll and trimming it down, and I get absolutely covered in the black lint from the little zig zag edges - messy stuff. So no photos on that yet.

My white rabbit list if getting quite a few ticks, a bit more to do though in the next two weeks of June.


  1. The little boats are looking so cute. will be a lovely quilt.

  2. Your sailboats look great all together.... sometimes those organising type jobs do seem to take a lot of time... but then it all comes together like magic....

  3. this is coming together nicely Sue ;-)
    this will make a perfect little boy's quilt.

  4. Love the sailboat fabric, perfect match to the blocks. Very sweet!


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