Monday, June 11, 2012

A country drive - lots of pictures

DH and I went for a leisurely long drive today to enjoy some winter sunshine (and his new car).  We headed South to Victor Harbor which is a seaside town protected from, but on the Southern ocean.

So theoretically speaking if you got into a boat and headed south from there, the next land mass you would hit is Antarctica.  Its always cooler, and often windy at Victor, and the town used to be a whaling town before they were a protected animal.  Now people go there to spot the Southern right whale that migrate North to warmer waters in winter to breed.  We didn't spot any whales today.

Heading into town

On the causeway bridge looking to the Bluff

The causeway bridge
 A popuar spot at Victor is Granite island and there is a foot bridge that joins this to the mainland.  There is a horse drawn tram that travels to and from the island but many people choose to enjoy the walk.  Large Clysdale horses pull the tram and it has been operating since 1836.

The island is home to a large family of Fairy penguins which live in little caves between the granite boulders. You can take a guided night tour to see the penguins that come out to feed.

We took a morning tea break at the cafe on granite island and enjoyed the lovely warm winter sun on our backs. I can recommend the scones - lovely and fluffy.

After tea we strolled back along the causeway, wandered around the town and then hopped in our car for the short drive to nearby Port Elliot.  Horseshoe bay is a pretty picnic spot and we had fish and chips for lunch in the cafe here. When I was a child I used to love climbing over the granite rocks that are on either side of the bay.

Yesterday was a sewing day and I finished the little animal purses, here they are fully lined and with their little felt pull tags on the zippers.  Unfortunatley, they took much longer than I expected to complete and I never got around to quilting the blazing arrows quilt.

 And finally I have remembered to pop the full picture of the table runner that I sent to the lovely Cathy Cates who was my 2nd PIF recipient.  2 down 1 to go, and the third one will be off to Sweeden to Carin, but first I want to do some Australiana gift shopping to tuck in with this one over the miles.

Cathy's table runner


  1. Nice way to spend a few hours. It is always lovely and warm in the car.
    Enjoyed visiting with you and having Devonshire tea and then fish and chips for lunch.
    Tags look good. small things are always fiddlely.
    Nice table runner.

  2. Interesting!!
    I liked your day out. Someone said that your winter is like our summer. I want the summer to be warm and sunny, but so far it has been rainy, cold and windy. Not at all what I like!

  3. enjoyed seeing your pics Sue ;-) Looks like you picked a great day for a drive. I am off to Victor in October for a school reunion ;-) any recommendations in particular - did you spy any quilty/crafty shops?

  4. Oh yum! Now that is MY type of morning tea! Did I say YuM!
    Nice sewing on those cute little purses too. Thanks for taking me along with you on your drive. :)

  5. Visiting from FNSI and immediately recognized those photos of Victor etc. We have been there so many times on holiday visiting an elderly Aunt in Port Elliott. How that area has grown over the last 20 years! Those towns are almost just like suburbs now apparently. My most favorite spot is on Hindmash Is where the Murray Rive heads out to sea. We live on the Murray at Echuca in Victoria.


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