Monday, June 18, 2012

Another row added

This row was the turning point, and I now feel like I am on the homeward stretch.  I really need to get my mojo back on this quilt, as I seem to keep putting off making the blocks, but whenever I get it out I think its really quite stunning.  

I think I am a bit over having to cut out with templates, and it is quite fiddly. 

This row marks the length, each row after this will be shorter and shorter so it will start to feel like it is coming together quicker.  I made one more block #86 Squash blossom which means that I only have 26 more blocks to make.  I am not sure that I will add any more rows on now until these are all done as I don't want to restrict myself with placements.

But my sewing job tonight was to add the row, so that's another tick on my white rabbit list.

 I had to stand on a chair to take this photo as it was hard to get the whole quilt in the picture.

86 Squash blossom
But my sewing job tonight was to add the row, so that's another tick on my white rabbit list for June
Just checking that list I need to make 3 more FW blocks, 2 more trinkey box blocks and put together my jelly roll quilt - will I make it?


  1. its looking great Sue.xx

  2. Wonderful work. I have made 72 blocks so far but I haven't sew any yet.

  3. Wow! This looks amazing. I love the green with the black sashing.

  4. Oh Sue it does look stunning and you have done such a great job so far.
    I bought the DJ book about three years ago and have not made one block yet.....

  5. It looks stunning - well worth persevering with

  6. It's looking amazing.... so fun to watch it grow...
    yaya for returning mojo's ...

  7. WooHoo the home stretch... looking absolutely wonderful xxx

  8. this is looking great! so much fun watching it grow ;-)

  9. It is stunning, it is such a large quilt to photograph as well, love your lime green sashing with black cornerstones, really sets the blocks off.

  10. Your quilt is turning out beautifully.


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