Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teddy quilt completed

I finished stitching the binding on my teddy cot quilt tonight. This will be a gift for some friends of ours Varnia and Simon who are having their first baby in August. We dont know if baby will be a girl or boy so I had to make one to suit either.

I am loving the pretty raspberry reds with aqua blues that are around at the moment and decided on this colour scheme. I used the teddy template from a much larger quilt - vintage bears. (still on my to make on day list).

Instead of stitching in the ditch - like I normally do, I simply stitched 1cm around each side of each border including the inside of each square on the centre panel.  

I did an all over heavy quilting design around the bear on the soft blue fabric only.  It doesnt really show up in the photo.  I also quilted around the edge of the bear to make it stand out.  The bear was machine blanket stitched on.

The finished quilt is a nice cot size or floor rug.  I have also put a hanging sleeve on the back in case they will to use it as a wall hanging for the nursery.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simple sewing

87. Star gardener
I don't have a great deal to show for this weeks sewing, as much as I had the mindset to sew, some how I just didn't seem to be able to find the time.

88. Star of hope

On Friday night I managed to make the next two Farmers wife's blocks

I managed to make the centre piece of this little cot quilt - and appliqued the teddy

Today I put the squared border on, and the red and blue borders on,  I took this pic as I was preparing to make the quilt sandwich.  The majority of this fabric is from a fabric bundle I purchased a month or so back from Fabric worm - they are this months sponsor for QBSA

The backing is a cute naive angel bear - this quilt is now all pinned ready for the quilting

The sun was out today which was a treat after a very wet and wild week
My nephew Andrew came for a visit with his three girls, my great neices (Jasmine, Lilly and Rosie) and we took the dogs for a run in the local dog park

I also managed to prune my roses and blow vac my courtyard
How pretty are the jonquils, their perfume is amazing.

And not forgetting the pretty pansies, I have poppies planted as well, but they are yet to flower.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Another row added

This row was the turning point, and I now feel like I am on the homeward stretch.  I really need to get my mojo back on this quilt, as I seem to keep putting off making the blocks, but whenever I get it out I think its really quite stunning.  

I think I am a bit over having to cut out with templates, and it is quite fiddly. 

This row marks the length, each row after this will be shorter and shorter so it will start to feel like it is coming together quicker.  I made one more block #86 Squash blossom which means that I only have 26 more blocks to make.  I am not sure that I will add any more rows on now until these are all done as I don't want to restrict myself with placements.

But my sewing job tonight was to add the row, so that's another tick on my white rabbit list.

 I had to stand on a chair to take this photo as it was hard to get the whole quilt in the picture.

86 Squash blossom
But my sewing job tonight was to add the row, so that's another tick on my white rabbit list for June
Just checking that list I need to make 3 more FW blocks, 2 more trinkey box blocks and put together my jelly roll quilt - will I make it?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday sewing

Silly me, I joined up for FNSI completely forgetting that we had an Adelaide crows home game, so instead I did Sunday sewing.  Maybe I can start a new trend here.

So what did I do today.

Firstly I joined together most of my little sail boats in my Regatta quilt.  These are from blocks received in the 6 inch group, + a couple that I have made.  I am loving how this is looking.  As the blocks are paper pieced I offer a star as an alternative if you cant paper piece.  I think i will have a star in each corner.

I also made one Farmers wife block and joined a row together ready to join to the main quilt.  its amazing how simple little jobs like this take so much time, cutting all the 6 inch strips and the 1&1/2 inch cornerstones.  I am using a black jelly roll and trimming it down, and I get absolutely covered in the black lint from the little zig zag edges - messy stuff. So no photos on that yet.

My white rabbit list if getting quite a few ticks, a bit more to do though in the next two weeks of June.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A lovely gift arrived

As you know every year I take part in the Pay it Forward game, where I get one lovely hand made gift made for me and in turn I make three people a hand made gift, and they each then make three people a hand made gift and on and on it goes.

This year the very lovely Teresa from Portugal was my Pay if forward gift giver and  my Gift or should I gifts arrived in the post yesterday.  They were all wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with string.  There was a cute little wooden rocking horse tied to the string.

Take a look at my bounty...........

A beautiful table centre piece, this is made with hexies in a pretty shabby chic colour way, and has been hand quilted.

A shabby chic mug rug, which I have doubled up as my new mouse mat and mug rug - dual purpose.  See the little rocking horse.  I have to find something to put him on to .

And a pretty little sewing kit. I have well and truly been spoilt, thank you so much Teresa xx

Monday, June 11, 2012

A country drive - lots of pictures

DH and I went for a leisurely long drive today to enjoy some winter sunshine (and his new car).  We headed South to Victor Harbor which is a seaside town protected from, but on the Southern ocean.

So theoretically speaking if you got into a boat and headed south from there, the next land mass you would hit is Antarctica.  Its always cooler, and often windy at Victor, and the town used to be a whaling town before they were a protected animal.  Now people go there to spot the Southern right whale that migrate North to warmer waters in winter to breed.  We didn't spot any whales today.

Heading into town

On the causeway bridge looking to the Bluff

The causeway bridge
 A popuar spot at Victor is Granite island and there is a foot bridge that joins this to the mainland.  There is a horse drawn tram that travels to and from the island but many people choose to enjoy the walk.  Large Clysdale horses pull the tram and it has been operating since 1836.

The island is home to a large family of Fairy penguins which live in little caves between the granite boulders. You can take a guided night tour to see the penguins that come out to feed.

We took a morning tea break at the cafe on granite island and enjoyed the lovely warm winter sun on our backs. I can recommend the scones - lovely and fluffy.

After tea we strolled back along the causeway, wandered around the town and then hopped in our car for the short drive to nearby Port Elliot.  Horseshoe bay is a pretty picnic spot and we had fish and chips for lunch in the cafe here. When I was a child I used to love climbing over the granite rocks that are on either side of the bay.

Yesterday was a sewing day and I finished the little animal purses, here they are fully lined and with their little felt pull tags on the zippers.  Unfortunatley, they took much longer than I expected to complete and I never got around to quilting the blazing arrows quilt.

 And finally I have remembered to pop the full picture of the table runner that I sent to the lovely Cathy Cates who was my 2nd PIF recipient.  2 down 1 to go, and the third one will be off to Sweeden to Carin, but first I want to do some Australiana gift shopping to tuck in with this one over the miles.

Cathy's table runner

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday night sewing

Its a lovely long weekend with plenty of time for sewing, so I had some fun tonight making some more feed the animal coin purses.

I made one more dog, two cats and one monkey

I have cheated and not made the lining yet, (its cut and ready to stitch), and I still have to make the pulls for the zips so little fingers can open them.  The dog has a bone ,the cat a  fish and the monkey a banana. 

Tomorrow I plan to quilt my Blazing arrows quilt made from blocks received in QBSA.  And on Monday DH and I plan to go for a long country drive and lunch somewhere nice as he has just bought a new car (Mazda CX5 ) and we want to take it for a long run.  I will take my camera with me and take a few snaps to show some of the non South Aussies a bit of our countryside.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cute coin purses and Lovely lavender

Last month in Homespun magazine I came across a pattern for some cute coin purses, so I googled them, found a stockist and placed an order.  The patterns arrived yesterday and I had to make one straight away.

The great thing about these is they are made with scraps in your stash, each one takes only about a fat 8th of fabric.  I only had a blue zip so today I popped into spotlight and purchased a handful of zips to make a few more.

Another lovely squishy arrived in the post today from dear Melody. This is my Birthday fat quarter and she included some yummy chocky and a gorgeous lavender filled bag. It smells divine.

Take a close look at how tiny the perfect stitches are on the label, I absolutely love love it.  Thank  you Melody, how did you know I love lavender

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday treasures - old magazines

I am joining up with the lovely Melody from the House on the side of the Hill for Tuesdays treasures.  Melody shared with us an old book which reminded me of some old magazines that I had tucked away.

These belonged to my dear SIL who passed away from cancer just a little over 4 years ago.  Sylvana was a prolific knitter, and me being the only other knitter in the family inherited her boxes of yarn, needles and pattern books and among them were these old woman's magazines.

The first one is the Woman's weekly and is so unlike our thick glossy magazine of today, in fact I think it was a true weekly.  The date of publication of this one is September 26th 1970.

The magazine is filled with short stories, recipes and knitting patterns and has the regulars like ads for Flora margarine, Alcan alfoil and Berlie Bras.

The other two are both New Ideas and again I think Sylvana kept them for their knitting and crochet patterns.
They are both dated 1973 ( May and June) and cost 20 cents to purchase.  There are all the favourite regulars like Ask Prue (fashion questions), understanding your pregnancy and one cook to another and my favourite Mere male - reading these now, nothing has changed except the price.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shhh its a secret

I have just finished making my second PIF for the year, and here are some sneaky peeks.

I used a charm pack of the gorgeous papillon range of fabrics and heavily quilted this which gave me the opportunity to practice my free motion quilting.

Here is the back, how pretty is this.

I will pop this in the post this week and post a full picture when I know it reaches its destination.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

White rabbit list for June

I have not made a white rabbit list for a couple of months and as a result I have been all over the place with my quilting projects.  So I am going to start making lists again and get back on track.

Here is my June list:

  1. Complete the blazing arrows block swap quilt - borders done, ready to be pinned
  2. Complete my Jelly roll sampler quilt - Pinned ready to quilt
  3. Make and send my block swap obligations - QBSA done and Christmas QBSA done
  4. Make at least 4 Farmers wife's blocks
  5. Add one row of Farmers wife's blocks to the quit
  6. Finish my Second PIF gift
  7. Make at least four blocks for my trinket box quilt
I haven't done any sewing for two days, (getting the shakes) so I plan to spend some quality time with my dear bernina tomorrow and strike one of these off the list.

But first I need to get back to the kitchen, we have friends coming for tea and I am cooking an Indian banquet.  Tandoori chicken, chickpea and spinach bahija, lemon rice, home made raita (with my home grown mint), and papadums. Everything is prepared, and ready to go, but it is all cooked quickly (except the Tandoori chicken), which will be popped into the oven soon as its marinating now.   I licked my fingers a little while ago, and although I have washed my hands I could still taste the chilli.   Better use that lightly, its from my own bush and they sure are hot and fiery.