Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is it really winter?

Last week we had cold wild and wet weather but look at today.......

I managed to get finished an hour early today and DH and I went for a coffee at the coffee shop that you can just see in the top picture. 

These photos were taken and 4.30pm this afternoon and it was still quite warm and sunny.   For those of you that don't know Adelaide the top photo is looking North to Glenelg and the bottom photo is looking south.  If you look straight out to see it is due west and we get to see some amazing sun sets.

When I arrived home I had two lovely squishy envelopes in the mail.  One was my May QBSA swap block from Raelene and the other was a piece of Dutch fabric from the very sweet and generous Ank as a birthday gift for me.

Seems like customs wanted to know what goodies I had received,

Now I need to think of something special to make using this fabric, any ideas ?


  1. What a nice way to finish the day!
    That's a lovely piece of fabric but challenging too! Depending on your home's colour scheme, you could use it in a table runner perhaps. I'm guessing customs were suspicious of a squishy parcel from The Netherlands! It probably showed up as organic in a scan too!

  2. It's a great way to sit and have coffee.

    Hmm That's a hard one as you proberly don't want to cut the fabric up...


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