Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday already

Wednesday already, don't the days fly by and where did last weekend go?

I didn't get a lot of sewing done on the weekend as I spent a great deal of time getting the quilting categories sorted out on QBSA, as well as sending out the partnerships in the 6 inch group.

I am pleased that so far all but 3 members have responded so I will be super organised for the May swap.  On Sunday (my normal sewing day) I babysat my Grandson Jack for most of the day, and if anyone has looked after an 18 month old knows, there is no you time, but a fun day was had.

On the sewing front I got the last 2 blocks completed in my French General jelly roll, and put on the sashing borders.

I forgot to photograph the blocks before they were in the quilt - here's how it is looking so far.

card trick

wedding ring
I also made 1 farmers wife block (lame I know), and have not photographed it yet, so when I get my mojo on and make a few more you will get to see it.  Tonight I made my partner her 6 inch blocks so if you want to see them, hop into that blog. Bye for now, I think its bed time.


  1. Your quilt is looking nicer by the day. Well done!

  2. the quilt looks great Sue... I am waiting for my book to arrive (I have a Rural Jardin jelly roll!) lovely to spend a day with your grandie... I know it is a treat for me when I get the chance...

  3. Sue, this quilt is turning out SEW nice! I do love red & white & blue so much & when you add some stars, it is just over the top, to me! Well done!!!


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