Sunday, April 1, 2012


My stash is something I have been thinking about for some time.

After reading though this tutorial on building a Stash on Cluck Cluck Sew  I took a long hard look at my fabric stash and decided it needed a make over. One of the key points mentioned is that she will use every single piece of fabric in her stash. 

My stash is a real mish mash of everything and there is a lot on there that I do not love, some I don't even like.  When I started quilting I purchased lot and lots of fabric on ebay, why? Because it was cheap, not that I loved it or needed it but felt like I had to have it.

I have also purchased remnants etc along the way from quilt shop trips for the same reason, it was on special or cheap.  For some time I was signed up for the Fat quarter shops Fat quarter of the month club where each range I would get sent a bunch of fat quarters in a new range that came out, some I liked, most I didn't.

So what to do about this....

Today I started on my yard and half yards of fabric in my stash and have listed about 30 pieces of fabric on ebay that I don't really like, or don't think I will ever use.  As I have the funds paid into Pay Pal, I can reuse this money to but some new fabric that I do like. (big grin and happy dance).

My task for next weekend will be to go through my 100's (yes I have several 100) fat quarters and do the same, I will list them on ebay either as single fat quarters or in bundles.

I will certainly be keeping at least half of my stash, as even if its not really to my taste I will need a good mix for my block swap obligations.

I guess it stands to reason that now I have been a quilter for about  5 years I know what I like much better now, than I did as a wide eyed newbie.

Why don't you take a look at your stash too and let me know what you think of yours.  Have you fallen into the same trap as me.

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  1. Yes and what is it with us that we still keep buying....


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