Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gee I talk a lot

Looking back on the week I surprised myself with how many posts I put up.  Normally I do one a week on a Sunday, as that's when I have more time to myself, but I put up 3 in 3 days.  But one was a Tutorial so I guess that's not really counted (is it?).

You may have noticed that I have changed the look of my blog.  I am having a big clear out in my sewing room, organising and sorting, selling bits on ebay.  I even sorted my jar of buttons into colours, so when I need one its easier to get too.  I cleared out my stash and made room for some lovely new fabric that's been ordered.  Only 2 more deliveries to go and its all here.

I decided to de clutter my blog to match my sewing room.  I made it less cluttered and simpler to read.  I love the photo of the butterscotch and roses quilt I made for MIL so decided to use that as my header photo.  Those that visited my blog this week would have seen a few colour changes as I was playing around with back grounds, but I really like what I have ended up with.

Well that's it for me (for now).  I am off to see the Crows take on the Power in an hour or so (Aussie rules football) for those overseas followers. Its the Show down where the two teams from our home state play against each other, so the local clash as such.

Have a great week everyone, chat again soon


  1. Oh Sue.. this looks pretty and calm...but still interesting! Well Done! :)

  2. love the new blog look! Very pretty and refreshing.

  3. Like the new look blog and lovely header photo Sue......

  4. The new look blog is great. Love those little background birdies


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