Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gee I talk a lot

Looking back on the week I surprised myself with how many posts I put up.  Normally I do one a week on a Sunday, as that's when I have more time to myself, but I put up 3 in 3 days.  But one was a Tutorial so I guess that's not really counted (is it?).

You may have noticed that I have changed the look of my blog.  I am having a big clear out in my sewing room, organising and sorting, selling bits on ebay.  I even sorted my jar of buttons into colours, so when I need one its easier to get too.  I cleared out my stash and made room for some lovely new fabric that's been ordered.  Only 2 more deliveries to go and its all here.

I decided to de clutter my blog to match my sewing room.  I made it less cluttered and simpler to read.  I love the photo of the butterscotch and roses quilt I made for MIL so decided to use that as my header photo.  Those that visited my blog this week would have seen a few colour changes as I was playing around with back grounds, but I really like what I have ended up with.

Well that's it for me (for now).  I am off to see the Crows take on the Power in an hour or so (Aussie rules football) for those overseas followers. Its the Show down where the two teams from our home state play against each other, so the local clash as such.

Have a great week everyone, chat again soon

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leos BIG BOY bed quilt complete

My darling grand son Leo turns 2 on May 6th, and he gets to go into a BIG boy bed. So Nana Sue had to make him a new quilt for that. Of course I made it to fit nicely on a single bed.

Its a simple square in a square pattern with the block centres being animals from a panel that I had in my stash for many years. The bulk of the quilt is made using 10 little things range, perfect for little boys.
I quilted it in the ditch around each block and stipple on the borders. The background is a soft blue with all over stars.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pyramid door stop -TUTORIAL

Here is a quick tutorial on making a Pyramid door stop from your scrap basket.  I first saw this doorstop on Maria's blog (Life on the block ) and she was happy to share the pattern with me.

I decided to make this one a little smaller than the one I had made a few years ago, and did it in shabby chic colours to use in a bedroom

So here we go...

1. Choose a selection of strips from your scrap basket

2. Sew the strips into row.  You are going to need four sides, so make 4 sets of these.  I used them in the order of shortest ones first and got longer as I added more rows.  Great to use up the shorter strips as the top pieces of the pyramid.

3. Press them flat, with all of the seams running the same way.  Make sure they are almost the same length as each other.

4. Stack them on your cutting mat making sure that the top row is lined up. 

5. Decide how wide you want your base, adding 1/4 inch on each side for seams and trim them to this width.  I made mine with an 8 inch base.

6. Find the centre of the top, and cut each side on an angle to a triangle base from top to bottom.

7. Lay the four pieces out in a pleasing manner and sew three of the side seams. 

8.  Make a small loop out of a scrap piece of fabric that was trimmed from the strips.  Fold it twice and press and stitch in place.

Sew the fourth seam placing the loop on the inside (right side) so that it is on the top of the pyramid when you turn it right side out.

9. Cut three squares of scrap fabric (I used calico) one for the base of the pyramid and two to make the weight that will go on this inside of the base of the pyramid. The size of the base will be determined by how wide you made the base of the pyramid. The weight pillow should be ideally slightly smaller than this so it fits nice and snug.

10. Sew two pieces together to make a pillow, leave a small opening and fill with a weighty item.  

11. Carefully fill the pillow and secure the seam. The first pyramid I made I used sand, but this time have used some lentils from my pantry. You could use wheat, split peas etc.

12. Sew the base square to the wrong side of the pyramid sides, leave one side open and turn right side out. 

12.  Stuff your pyramid with your favourite filling, placing the weight pillow in the base of the pyramid.

I stuffed mine fully first, then had a little trouble getting the pillow in and had to make the opening a little larger.  Next time I think I would put the weight pillow in first and then stuff it.

Slip stitch the open closed with a strong thread.
Now you can show your lovely pyramid door stop off.  These would make really cute gifts.

My week

I can confirm that Leo's BIG BOY bed quilt has been completed, (all but the label).  I decided to bind this in navy and am pleased that I did.   I used a lovely blue all over starry night print for the backing.

Several years ago my husbands sister lost her battle with cancer and I inherited her boxes of wool and knitting needles and patterns.  I used to be a prolific knitter (knitting one off designs for a shop in Adelaide).  But since I have been a quilter I never have the urge to knit or crochet.

But lately I have been noticing quite a few granny square rugs popping up on various blogs making me want to make one.  So this week I started, using up all the scrap bits of wool and partial balls.  It something I can do watching TV, as lucky I can crochet (and knit) without having to look at what I am doing much at all.

This week I have also finished block four in the Shabby cottages, a free online BOM by shabby fabrics.  As then next pattern is out on May 7th I decided I needed to get cracking on that.

Here are the first four houses in my little shabby village.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Show and tell time

Mr postman delivered some more packages of new fabric for me to play with
So as promised I am showing it off

Firstly there is this set of 7 fat quarters with oh so cute elephants
How cool will these all look in a quilt for a little one or even a bigger one :).

The second bundle that I purchased was called Budding woods, and again perfect for a nursery quilt, these again are all half yard lots, so ample enough to make more than one or two quilts.

how darling is this one

and this one

But this one is my favourite
I have two friends having babies so these fabrics are all going to be put to good use, I also purchased some batting today so now have to set to work getting Leo and Mitchells quilts completed before I start anything new .

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Its time to buy some batting

Its been a dreary old Sunday evening in Adelaide and we just had a mini hail storm bbbrrr.

So what better way to spend an evening that sewing.

I am pleased to say that I got not only the sashing but the borders on Mitchell's BIG boy bed quilt so now I have two flimsy's ready to go.  I think I need to pay a visit to spotlight this week to purchase enough batting for these two, and while I am there I better get enough for my French General jelly roll sampler quilt as well.

Here are the flimsy's for Leo and Mitchell's BIG for bed quilts

 A closer look at Mitchell's quilt
 An even closer look at the squares
Both of these were made predominantly with the new range 10 little things, I started with a layer cake.  The zoo animals in the centre of Leo's quilt was made with a panel I have had in my stash for several years, as well as some marble fabrics that set it off nicely. 

 I was going to bind Leo's in the orange but think I will use the green that is the sashing in this quilt, and probably bind Mitchell's in either a navy or a red, what do you think?

Leo turns 2 on May 6th so I might have to get cracking and get his done in time for that, (Mitchell turned  2 on December 13th last year).

Next I have Jack turning two in September
so I have to start thinking of a BIG boy bed quilt for him before long .

All of these grandies sure keep me busy in the sewing room. 
No wonder a good part of my stash is nursery or children's novelty prints.

Have a fabulous week every one and take a moment to remember our soldiers
 on Anzac Day this Wednesday


Tutorials and statistics - Pyramid door stop.

Over my time blogging I have posted a few (3 in fact) tutorials on my blog, and recently I have been asked to do one on the Pyramid door stop that features on the QBSA blog way back in August 2010.
This was before I split my personal blog quilted hugs away from the QBSA blog.

On blogger, you can get statistics of most visited posts etc, and this door stop one keep popping up time and time again.  I think it must be the word Pyramid in the title, as if you google it, it comes up.

Since I blogged about it ,there has been a whopping 520 page views, the next closest is lovely log cabin with 89 views.  Today I checked the stats and can say that there has been 8 page views in just the past 24 hours.

Anyhow, the most recent comment was a request for a tutorial on how to make this, so I will set to work on that soon.  In the meantime, I have taken away my page on tutorials and made some buttons (on my right hand side bar) linking to the three that I have done so far to make them easier to find

On the sewing front I have made 2 6 inch blocks for new partner Julie, her choice was paper pieced which was great to get some more practice in on that.

Now I am off to start the borders on Mitchell's Big boy bed so I can finish these for both Mitchell and Leo.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stash Crash update

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about having a stash crash and getting rid of fabric that I didn't love or thought I would never use, and replacing it with new fabric.  I am pleased to say since then I have sold over $350 worth of fabric on ebay (havent really made a dent in my stash) and have had some fun shopping for new fabric.

Today my first parcel arrived from Fabric worm.  They put together co ordinated fat quarter or half yard bundles.  I have ordered 3 and the first one has arrived.  This is a selection of 12 half yards and the selection is called watermelon, and it sure makes my mouth water when I look at it.

Take a look for yourself...

As well as the cute mushrooms, birds, owls and flowers, there are 2 linen look solids in pink and red, a lovely soft blue solid, Spots, ladder print, and a pretty blue patterned print - gorgeous.

 Even the selvidges are cute.

Their fabrics are really well priced, this 12 half yard selection only cost me $56 US.
I cant wait for the other 2 packages to arrive Budding woods in greens and yellows and Ellie Farm which is 7 fat quarters of all different coloured elephants  - soooo cute (will show them off too when they arrive). 
I have a few friends expecting babies so will be busy using these up in no time at all. Click on their link (above) and have some fun shopping too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday already

Wednesday already, don't the days fly by and where did last weekend go?

I didn't get a lot of sewing done on the weekend as I spent a great deal of time getting the quilting categories sorted out on QBSA, as well as sending out the partnerships in the 6 inch group.

I am pleased that so far all but 3 members have responded so I will be super organised for the May swap.  On Sunday (my normal sewing day) I babysat my Grandson Jack for most of the day, and if anyone has looked after an 18 month old knows, there is no you time, but a fun day was had.

On the sewing front I got the last 2 blocks completed in my French General jelly roll, and put on the sashing borders.

I forgot to photograph the blocks before they were in the quilt - here's how it is looking so far.

card trick

wedding ring
I also made 1 farmers wife block (lame I know), and have not photographed it yet, so when I get my mojo on and make a few more you will get to see it.  Tonight I made my partner her 6 inch blocks so if you want to see them, hop into that blog. Bye for now, I think its bed time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A productive week

It does not feel as though I got to spend a great deal of time sewing this week, but when I look back I can see that I did actually accomplish quite a bit.

Starting with tonight I decided to make a gift for one of my PIF recipients for 2012,  So far I have two ladies that have taken up the offer for me to make them a gift, and in return they make 3 more friends a gift, paying it forward.  So if you are interested, be quick and leave me a message and you can be lucky number three.

As we are heading into winter, what better way to cheer up a room than a colourful cushion, so this is what I made using a charm pack called Twirl.  I did have a bit of trouble with my automatic button hole function not doing what it was supposed to, but then again its probably the user (grin).

back of cushion
Mid week I put the borders on Leos Big boy bed quilt and tonight my initial plan was to lay this out and pin it ready for quilting, until I realised that I did not have a piece of batting large enough.  Never mind, I need to get Mitchell's Big Boy bed quilt put together so I will purchase the batting for both of them at the same time.  Here is the flimsy, a nice size to fit onto a single bed.  I think I will bind this in the orange.

Earlier in the week I worked on more scrappy strips and joined some together to make blocks, here are the first five.  This is going to be a fun quilt when its finished, and it will be made entirely from my scrap box.

Well, thats been my week, now I am going blog hopping to read all about yours.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some simple sewing

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break, I certainly have been.

Friday was a busy family day but I did manage to get a little bit of sewing done.  Yesterday DH and I travelled with some friends to the Oakbank Easter races (horse), its a picnic day starting with a 5am wake up to get up to the track for a cooked breakfast at 7am in the picnic area.  DH and I have been joining the same friends at Oakbank for 20 years, and in that time have only missed two meetings.

Then last night, straight from the picnic day we went to AAMI stadium to watch our football team the Adelaide Crows take on the Western Bulldogs from Melbourne.  I am pleased to say that the Adelaide Crows won. (YAY), by the time we got home it was almost 11pm, so I simply fell into bed.

So today was a sleep in, I didn't get out of bed till 10am, enjoying coffee in bed and finishing a book that I was reading, (Michael Caines autobiography). Now I am spending the remainder of the day doing what I love best.
On Friday I made two more blocks for my Sampler jelly roll quilt in the French General range and plan to make one or two more of these today.

I also picked up on a project I started 12 months or more ago, making blocks from my scraps of strips
Here is the hugs pile of scraps I have to use up

 I have sewn them together in strips and press them, and then trim them to 8 inch blocks.  Initially I made the blocks as straight strips, but seeing similar quilts on other ladies blogs I decided I preferred the look of the strips being on the angle.

Here are the few blocks that I had made the first time I started this project, and I am sure you will agree with me that the blocks with the strips on the angle will be more interesting in a quilt

Now I only need to decide if each completed block will be made up of four smaller blocks all in different colours like the one below.

Or if i join them together in similar colourways like the example below.  I look forward to your thoughts on this.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I made a simple Blanket of Love quilt to send to Cheryll in NSW.  Read all about this worthy cause on Cheryls Blog dedicated to this cause HERE . This was an easy quilt made up of scrpas left over from some babies quilts I had made for family and friends. The back of the quilt is in brushed cotton and for a moment I didnt think I had enough, (as I ran out of the yellow).
Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Sunday, April 1, 2012


My stash is something I have been thinking about for some time.

After reading though this tutorial on building a Stash on Cluck Cluck Sew  I took a long hard look at my fabric stash and decided it needed a make over. One of the key points mentioned is that she will use every single piece of fabric in her stash. 

My stash is a real mish mash of everything and there is a lot on there that I do not love, some I don't even like.  When I started quilting I purchased lot and lots of fabric on ebay, why? Because it was cheap, not that I loved it or needed it but felt like I had to have it.

I have also purchased remnants etc along the way from quilt shop trips for the same reason, it was on special or cheap.  For some time I was signed up for the Fat quarter shops Fat quarter of the month club where each range I would get sent a bunch of fat quarters in a new range that came out, some I liked, most I didn't.

So what to do about this....

Today I started on my yard and half yards of fabric in my stash and have listed about 30 pieces of fabric on ebay that I don't really like, or don't think I will ever use.  As I have the funds paid into Pay Pal, I can reuse this money to but some new fabric that I do like. (big grin and happy dance).

My task for next weekend will be to go through my 100's (yes I have several 100) fat quarters and do the same, I will list them on ebay either as single fat quarters or in bundles.

I will certainly be keeping at least half of my stash, as even if its not really to my taste I will need a good mix for my block swap obligations.

I guess it stands to reason that now I have been a quilter for about  5 years I know what I like much better now, than I did as a wide eyed newbie.

Why don't you take a look at your stash too and let me know what you think of yours.  Have you fallen into the same trap as me.