Sunday, March 25, 2012

Super Sunday

What a brilliant week I have had this week in the sewing room I managed to make ALL of the blocks for Leo and Mitchell's BIG BOY beds and now patiently await the delivery of sashing and border fabrics to complete the quilt tops. And today its been sewing bliss. As a promise to myself I have worked entirely on the Farmers wife quilt blocks, and this included adding TWO more rows to the quilt.

How fabulous does it look all laid out. 
I have taken this photo (above) as it would appear on a bed building it from the bottom up. I have to be careful now to make sure any blocks like baskets are added the right way up.

The quilt is 7 blocks wide, set on point.   I have found that sewing rows on as I go along has helped me balance the colours.

Here are the blocks that I have stitched today.
70. Prairie Queen

71. Puss in the corner
72. Railroad
73. Rainbow flower
I have cut out block 74 Ribbons, but DH is home now so not sure that I will get much more done today. I intend to work on this quilt all week.  I have to admit that I was feeling a bit "over" this quilt as its a mammoth task and some of the blocks are quite fiddly with all of the little pieces.  However I am pleasantly surprised to be really enjoying it again, so having a break was a good thing.


  1. I love your Farmers Wife Quilt and I think it is the black sashing and the green setting triangles that give it so much oomph! Certainly my favourite of the ones I have seen so far. Great job Sue!! Can't wait to see the Big Boy Quilts.
    Bits 'n Bobs

  2. This is really becoming a gorgeous quilt Sue!!! I am in love with the colours and fabrics you're using in this one!!! Especially the choice to go with the green - fabulous!!

  3. One block at a time. I need to try the blocks on point...Sounds like a winner.

  4. What a great day. Your FWQ is looking amazing. It will be gorgeous when you finish it. Love the black and the green together.

  5. Sue your FWQ is looking fabulous. I really like the colours you have chosen to to the blocks in and the green sashing is great.

  6. It is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished project! Well done!!!

  7. It does look fabulous, indeed it looks FABULOUS. Well done.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and loving the touch of lime xxx


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