Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing along with getting to know me

The lovely Fiona, (Bubzrugz) was tagged and had to answer the following questions and has invited us to play along, so here goes.

1. Your favourite flower/plant
I love all things green but tulips would be my favourite flowers.
I have a bunch of the on my dining table as I write this post
2. Your most memorable moment
This one is hard and easy all at the same time. Giving birth to my first child and being a mum for the first time is up there.  I remember the day my son called me to tell me that my first grandson Leo was born,  I was driving at the time (on hands free of course) and had to pull over to contain myself as I burst into tears of joy.
My daughter Sheree with her new Nephew Leo
3. Any identifying marks or scars
Well, I have two tattoo's, one of a dragon fly on my shoulder and one of a lady bird on my hip
I also have a scar on the inside of my arm from nail on a swing

4. Show your most favourite project you have made
Its a simple quilt, but I just love it

5. Who would you most like to meet?
I am not a celebrity buff, but I do think that Meryl Streep is an amazing actress and if I had to pick someone it would be her.

6. Your most awful food you won't eat
Any offal (just the thought of it makes me feel sick)

7. Where would you like to travel to
Tuscany in Italy, hoping to go there for my 50th birthday next year

8. Life goal/ dream... tell me....
To own a hobby farm with a cute stone cottage, grow vegies, have chooks, raise alpacas and sew all day long

9. Favourite snack food
Doritos, I didn't have to think twice about that one

10. What are you doing today
I work full time for a prestigious real estate company in Adelaide. Toop&Toop (you can google them), its pretty full on and I have to do open inspections most Saturdays, so my evening and Sundays spent sewing is my escapism.  As I work predominately at the high end of the market I do get so see some amazing properties.
I was the Top leasing partner of the year in 2011 so must be doing a good job (grin)

11. The first crafting project you made
My roosting roosters quilt was my first quilt, I bought the pattern and  a pack of check fabrics from the Adelaide quilting show, and set to work.  I cut it all out with scissors (including the binding) and used a zig zag stitch to do the applique

Now its your turn, why dont you play along too.


  1. This was great Sue and I'm glad you played along.... I love tulips too... especially yellow ones.. they scream happy! and I also cry when grandies are born! and now I have a contact if I need a top of range house in Adelaide (well I can wish can't I?)

  2. Tattoos and tulips eh?! And a high end real estate agent! Thanks for sharing with us.


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