Saturday, March 3, 2012

Completed Carousel

Its always  a nice feeling when you finishe a quilt and today I finished my Grand daughter Ziva's carousel quilt.  I will give it to her tomorrow when she comes for tea with Daddy, Mummy and big brother Leo. 

 I did some beading on the horses bridle
 Embroidered her name on the flag
 Stitched a label
 All done and ready for giving
They move into their new house is just over a weeks time, and I have put a hanging sleeve on the back so this can be hung in her new bedroom.

Here is a recent pic of me with Ziva, and DH with our other grand daughter Paige


  1. Absolutely gorgeous... a wonderful finish and quilt to be treasures always xxx

  2. Such a lovely quilt for your "little treasure"! Love the picture with the two grandbabies.

  3. Such a great images.All different type of fabrics look so creative.This is the best embroidery creations on the fabrics.

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  4. What a sweet quilt! And uber cute grandchildren...

  5. Such cute kiddiwinks in your family and a fabulous quilt too.

  6. Lovely ladies your grand daughters are. I Know Ziva will be a very happy child to have such a wonderful quilt. she will always treasure it, i'm sure.

  7. Lucky Ziva... it is beautiful...


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