Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its been awhile since I have played along with work consuming my life.  But the luxury of three days off this week I have the time to do lots of sewing and catching up on blog land.

Melody is hosting Tuesday treasures and this week its all about our dogs. 

I currently have two dogs sharing my home and life and I could not imagine life without them

The oldest of the two is Robbie

He is 7 years old and a Bichon Freise (he has just had a birthday on Feb 16th).  DH and I call him a new age dog as he is super sensitive and likes the finer things in life. He will only eat human grade kangaroo and chicken, especially cooked for him and we often have to encourage him to eat and play aeroplanes with his food like a child.

Sometimes I wonder that he is really a dog at all. Robbie is a daddy's boy and is always by his side when DH is home giving him endless cuddles.

We got Robbie when our little Maltese Terrier Penny was getting on in years, the vet told us to get a younger dog to extend her life and give her back some zing. Sadly we had to send Penny to heaven at the young age of 8.  She got Cushings syndrome which caused her to go blind almost overnight and blow up like a balloon. It was incurable and she was suffering. We lost Penny in October and discussed waiting until Christmas to get another puppy.

Robbie missed her and was pining, sitting at the door and crying every day.  Three days after Penny died DH and I were out on a Saturday driving and went past a pet shop that had a large blackboard out the front and written on it were the words Cute Cavalier King Charles puppies.  So I asked DH if we could just take a look.  Well of course the look turned into a purchase and Billy came into our life.

At first Robbie did not like Billy at all, he was very snappy towards him and would not play.  I think it was all about establishing who was going to be the alpha male (Robbie won) .

Billy is the exact opposite of Robbie in personality, he is a real true DOG, loves to run and chase seagulls on the beach while Robbie just trots along at our heels.  Billy frolics in the surf, rolls in the mud, steals food from our grandies, climbs in the dishwasher to lick the plates if we leave it unattended and snores.  Boy does he snore. 
Billy is a mummy's boy, as soon as I sit in my chair to watch TV and sew he jumps on my lap and squeezes in beside me. He sleeps on my bed at my feet, and did I mention the snoring, I am told all Cav's snore.

Here is a short summary of the other dogs in my life.
When I was 8 dad brought home a Kelpie pup.  Dad worked in a bar on a casual basis and a man brought in a basket of pups to giveaway and said if no one took them he would have to put them down.  It was Easter time and Aussie as we called her (as she was the first Aussie in our family) was our Easter present. 
When I was 15 mum and dad gave me a Basset hound puppy for my birthday, Fred. (after Fred Basset).  I had Fred until I was around 23 and have some pics (not in digital form) of him with my daughter when she was a toddler.
When my hubby and I  bought our first house we got the majestic Ben, a beautiful and gentle long haired German Shepherd.  Next along came Penny the Maltese and the rest you have read about.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pets with us, They are very beautiful.

  2. Fabulous post,it sounds like you have your hands full with Billy.

  3. The thought of you having to do airoplanes with Robbie to get him to eat is just so cute. What gorgeous characters Robbie & Biily are & how nice one is daddys & one is mummys. Sounds like much fun. Tracee xx

  4. Thank you for sharing your pets with us Sue. Robbie and Billy are gorgeous boys! I grew up with dogs and a couple of cats and have to have pets around me. My husband is the opposite and finds them dirty and distasteful so as a compromise, my two have to live outdoors. breaks my heart! But both my dogs love the long walks he takes them on and adore him for that.
    Cath xxx
    Bits 'n Bobs

  5. A lovely story about your pets Sue, love your BLOG, I have just become your latest follower.

  6. Thanks for sharing your dog stories. How neat to have two dogs with such different temperaments.... Kind of like kids.

  7. Billy and Robbie make such a lovely post... great to hear about them both..

  8. Beautiful post....Billy and Robbie are just gorgeous.

  9. What a lovely pair.Great story,too. Dogs can be just like children, adorable and temperamental.

  10. A truly beautiful post. I knew we were kindred spirits.


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