Monday, February 6, 2012

My week

Work work work, with very little play, and with some of my favorite shows back on TV the sewing room has taken a step back. Having said that I did get one mammoth task completed this week.

The scrolls on the Adelaide floral sampler quilt.

I traced them (made a templastic template first), ironed them onto the fabric and matched them up in rows and ironed them onto the quilt blocks.  All that cutting out around the swirly bits seemed to take forever, and can you imagine what my floor looked like after.  A hint from my LPS was to wait until the end before popping these on so I can line them all up nicely.

My HUGE mistake ( you may not notice it) is that one of the designs is not centred correctly.  In the planned layout of the quilt this was supposed to be the centre block, but I have chosen not to use it for this as it stands out too much.  I don't know how this happened and didn't realise until I put the scrolls on.  Each block is 20 inches square so quite a sizable quilt.

I have sewn around 4 sets of scrolls, so 5 more to go, and gee were my shoulders stiff after that. So I may have a rest day before I tackle a few more.  I then have to stitch them together and pop on the borders.  I will have this as a wall hanging above my antique sewing table in my living room. I love it.  Oops, just spotted one block sideways in the pic, at least they are not stitched yet :)

My only other sewing job this week was block six in my jelly roll sampler quilt, Union square.  Last week I ordered the sashing and border fabric for this quilt. The fabric range is butterscotch and roses, so very pretty.  This puts me at the half way mark on this quilt.

Last but not least I wrapped my OASS gifts and tied them with pretty bows and popped in the post today.  I should have taken a pic of the parcels, green tissue with a green bow and purple with a purple bow. I hope to hear they arrived safely in a day or so.


  1. What a lot of work in the blocks but it will be a stunning quilt when finished.
    Nice jelly roll block too.

  2. You had a full week with all that applique but the result is stunning!
    What a beautiful quilt that is.

  3. Your Adelaide floral sampler is amazing.

  4. The sampler quilt is just so lovely.... what a lot of work in it too.... I wouldn't have picked up the irregularity if you hadn't mentioned it... or the sideways block - I am still doing my OASS - better get moving!!

  5. I think perhaps YOU are the only one who would notice Sue. After all is said and done..we are all our own worse critics.
    Looks GreAt to me.. :)

  6. The floral sampler is wonderful. I can't tell where the mistake is...


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