Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lot of blocks

I had an awesome sewing day today,

Firstly I made my four Farmers wife's blocks, as I had promised myself to do this before I started any new projects. Here they are:

66. Periwinkle

67. Pine tree

68 Postage stamp

69. Practical orchard
Next I made my two QBSA 12 inch blocks which you can see here:

THEN : I did the applique on block 1 of Country cottages,

So my task for tonight is to finish the beading on the carousel quilt (I got most of it done last night) and then do the stitchery on the cottage block. Which is the + bars on the windows, chimney smoke, trim on the house and the snowflakes. Isn't the felt snowman cute :)

If you are interested in this free BOM visit shabby fabrics here

Then, next time I am in the sewing room I plan to start Block one of Pond House YAY.


  1. WOW Sue... you HAVE been busy! All the blocks are great. AND yes the snowman is cute! :)

  2. busy block day.... they all look great...

  3. An inspiring post. You achieved so much.

  4. Different shape of strips stitch on the fabrics it look so beautiful and colorful.It look attractive.

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