Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am on a mission

Its amazing how much you can accomplish when you have a deadline, 

Well I have two deadlines.
1. My first MIL (from my first marriage) is turning 70 in March and DH and I have been invited to her birthday party. Although my first marriage ended 23 years ago I have remained close to Elaine through my children. I have known her since I was 14 years old, and married my first husband at the tender age of 17. Looking back I was just a baby, no wonder by age 25 I was single again. ( I have been married to current hubby 20 years this year).

Anyway, As you may know if you follow my posts I was making a jelly roll sample quilt in the lovely Butterscotch and roses range of fabrics with no real idea as to who it would be for. Since the invite arrived in the mail this week I now know exactly who will be the recipient of this quilt. MIL #1 Elaine.

So this week I have finished all 12 of the blocks for this quilt and patiently await my delivery of fabric for the sashings, border and backing from the Fat quarter shop.
Here are the completed 12 blocks pinned on my design wall. I will probably mix them up a bit to balance the colours out before I join them together.

 And here is a close up photo of the last few blocks that I have made this week.
postage stamp

arrow head

garden trail

card tricks

maple star

Deadline #2 is that my son has his discharge date from the Army - Feb 25th .  I am so excited to finally have him and the babies Leo and Ziva home.  Feb 25th is also the day he joined 4 years ago so its good that his discharge date is the same.  But this is a busy day for me as its also my darling daughter Sheree's 27th birthday, and the twins Paige and Connors first birthday party. (they turn 1 on Feb 26th).  How busy am I going to be that weekend.

The sewing deadline is to finish Ziva's carousel quilt.  I purchased some batting for this (and for Elaine's jelly roll quilt) this week, and I plan to get this pinned ready for quilting later today.  I have also ploughed on with sewing the scrolls on the Adelaide floral sampler and only have 2 left to go.

This morning the twins came to visit for Breakfast with Nanna Sue and Nonno, and by mid morning were all worn out.  I couldn't resist this pic of them having a nap.


  1. Aww, gorgeous twins. Sleeping babies are so angelic! That is going to make a beautiful sampler quilt for your MIL#1! :o)

  2. You are going to have a busy day! And a busy time leading up to it. Such sweet sleeping beauties.

  3. Busy yes, but you love it! The babies are sew cute. I could never imagine having twin babies. Mine are 18 months apart and that was bad enough, good at the same time.

    Can not wait to see MIL quilt finished.
    Hugs, happy times for you.

  4. What a busy week it was. I would help you if I lived near. You still have a lot of work in your hands. The Quilt is wonderful. I love Butterscotch and roses.

  5. I enjoyed your post so much today! Lots in there. The quilt for your MIL will be wonderful.. it's gorgeous Sue ! :)

  6. What little sweeties. Great sewing too.

  7. Wew! you are one busy gal! :)
    Love the quilt for MIL and I also will look forward to a pic of it completed :)
    Love the colors...what size is the postage stamp block & what size squares? Just when you have time to answer no rush.
    Those babies are too sweet :) XXX
    I bet your other sweet grand is getting big as well?
    Well you have more than enough to-do's
    so I will pray that the cup-o-tea does get served (ha)


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