Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lot of blocks

I had an awesome sewing day today,

Firstly I made my four Farmers wife's blocks, as I had promised myself to do this before I started any new projects. Here they are:

66. Periwinkle

67. Pine tree

68 Postage stamp

69. Practical orchard
Next I made my two QBSA 12 inch blocks which you can see here:

THEN : I did the applique on block 1 of Country cottages,

So my task for tonight is to finish the beading on the carousel quilt (I got most of it done last night) and then do the stitchery on the cottage block. Which is the + bars on the windows, chimney smoke, trim on the house and the snowflakes. Isn't the felt snowman cute :)

If you are interested in this free BOM visit shabby fabrics here

Then, next time I am in the sewing room I plan to start Block one of Pond House YAY.


Its been awhile since I have played along with work consuming my life.  But the luxury of three days off this week I have the time to do lots of sewing and catching up on blog land.

Melody is hosting Tuesday treasures and this week its all about our dogs. 

I currently have two dogs sharing my home and life and I could not imagine life without them

The oldest of the two is Robbie

He is 7 years old and a Bichon Freise (he has just had a birthday on Feb 16th).  DH and I call him a new age dog as he is super sensitive and likes the finer things in life. He will only eat human grade kangaroo and chicken, especially cooked for him and we often have to encourage him to eat and play aeroplanes with his food like a child.

Sometimes I wonder that he is really a dog at all. Robbie is a daddy's boy and is always by his side when DH is home giving him endless cuddles.

We got Robbie when our little Maltese Terrier Penny was getting on in years, the vet told us to get a younger dog to extend her life and give her back some zing. Sadly we had to send Penny to heaven at the young age of 8.  She got Cushings syndrome which caused her to go blind almost overnight and blow up like a balloon. It was incurable and she was suffering. We lost Penny in October and discussed waiting until Christmas to get another puppy.

Robbie missed her and was pining, sitting at the door and crying every day.  Three days after Penny died DH and I were out on a Saturday driving and went past a pet shop that had a large blackboard out the front and written on it were the words Cute Cavalier King Charles puppies.  So I asked DH if we could just take a look.  Well of course the look turned into a purchase and Billy came into our life.

At first Robbie did not like Billy at all, he was very snappy towards him and would not play.  I think it was all about establishing who was going to be the alpha male (Robbie won) .

Billy is the exact opposite of Robbie in personality, he is a real true DOG, loves to run and chase seagulls on the beach while Robbie just trots along at our heels.  Billy frolics in the surf, rolls in the mud, steals food from our grandies, climbs in the dishwasher to lick the plates if we leave it unattended and snores.  Boy does he snore. 
Billy is a mummy's boy, as soon as I sit in my chair to watch TV and sew he jumps on my lap and squeezes in beside me. He sleeps on my bed at my feet, and did I mention the snoring, I am told all Cav's snore.

Here is a short summary of the other dogs in my life.
When I was 8 dad brought home a Kelpie pup.  Dad worked in a bar on a casual basis and a man brought in a basket of pups to giveaway and said if no one took them he would have to put them down.  It was Easter time and Aussie as we called her (as she was the first Aussie in our family) was our Easter present. 
When I was 15 mum and dad gave me a Basset hound puppy for my birthday, Fred. (after Fred Basset).  I had Fred until I was around 23 and have some pics (not in digital form) of him with my daughter when she was a toddler.
When my hubby and I  bought our first house we got the majestic Ben, a beautiful and gentle long haired German Shepherd.  Next along came Penny the Maltese and the rest you have read about.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Firstly a BIG thank you to those of you that have read my blog and left comments over the past week, and a BIG sorry from me for not personally replying.  It has been a busy time with all the family festivities and very little ME time.  I would have shown some photos of the family, but I gave my camera to my son last night and asked him to take a few pics of everyone, especially Leo and jack playing together for the first time.  How dissapointed was I when I found he had taken one photo only of Leo. Maybe next time he can do the cooking and I will be the photographer.

I have managed to get three days off work this week, so once I had completed my chores - washed windows - ( yuk) and done the ironging (YUK ) I indulged in a lunch with DH, followed by a manicure.  Has any one tried the new Shallac nail polish, its lovely.

Then by 3pm I was in my LPS getting some extra fabrics to finish off a few quilts, and also I collected block one of my new BOM pond house. 

Firstly I worked on Butterscotch and roses jelly roll sampler for MIL )#1's 70th birthday.  I ordered the sashing and border fabric from the FQ shop and converting cm in the pattern to ordering in yardage I went a bit wrong and did not purchase enough for the sashing - it is supposed to be around the blocks and not just between them.  The lovely lady at Patchwork by Sea was very helpful, but sadly they did not have any of this range in store so I settled on a soft blue grey similar to what is in the fabric and did a narrow peeper border.  Here is the flimsy

I am happy with the end result and all I need to do now is make the quilt sandwhich, pin, quilt and bind it.

I also picked up some binding fabric for the carousel quilt that I am making for Ziva, and have sewn that on (the machine bit) ready for whip stitching in place in front of the TV watching the biggest loser and my kitchen rules tonight.  Then there is the beading and another UFO to strike off the list.  I will show that too you when its complete :)

As you can imagine I am itching like mad to get a start on Pond house, but I must first be true to myself and make at least 4 Farmers wife's blocks, as well as my block swap committments.  I also need to get at least block 1 underway of the shabby cottages, so I better get off this computer, and back into the sewing room before a hungry DH gets home from work. 

Here is the pic Jarrod took of Leo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The twins turn one

Doesn't time fly, it only seems like yesterday that they were born, but yesterday was their first birthday.
Today was their luncheon party with a very special visit.

Here are a few pics of todays festivities

with big brother Mitchell and Daddy

Cousn Jack was not impressd

enjoying their birthday cake
I am quite excited about this evening as at 7pm my son Jarrod arrives home permanantly.  He is no longer a soldier. I cant wait to see him and his family and my other two grandies Leo and Ziva.  Life will be complete.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lovely gift

A nice big fat parcel was waiting for me when I got home tonight - It was my once a season swap gift from Sharm at country fragrance

Take a look at what she sent me

Two beautiful kitchen pot holders with lovely autumn leaves.  A delicious rose scented soap, with rose petals from her garden, a beeswax and orange candle melt, and lovely soft dishcloth.

I have also managed to get some sewing tasks completed.

* Pieced the jelly roll sampler

 Its all ready for the borders now

*I have quilted Ziva's carousel quilt
In the ditch around the diamonds, around the horses and filled in the large spaces with squiggles

Just the binding and the beading to do on this one

Sunday, February 19, 2012

bits of this and bits of that

I don't have anything to show for this weeks efforts in the sewing room
I have pinned the Carousel quilt ready for quilting and hope to make a start on that today
I have finished all of the applique on the Adelaide floral sampler quilt
My package of border fabric has arrived in the mail from the Fat quarter shop so I have cut the sashing and border strips ready to piece together the butterscotch and roses sampler quilt.

I have made and sent by blocks for my 12 and 6 inch block swap recipients and posted the pics on the relative blogs and lastly I have signed up for yet another on line BOM.

This one suits me to a T with my love of shabby fabrics
Its called country cottages and is by shabby fabrics - its a great one for using up the odd scraps, I am going to make mine shabby but with a French influence.  I am a little behind as Jan and Feb's blocks are launched with March off the printer on March 7th. 

So recapping my plans for the rest of next week :
1. Quilt the carousel quilt
2. Add borders to jelly roll sampler quilt
3. Make at least 4 FWQA blocks - I have slipped behind on this project and as yet have not made any blocks this month
4. Try and start block 1 of the country cottages BOM

So it seems as though I am going to be busy I better get off the computer and onto the sewing machine.

quilted hugs, Sue xxxx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I am really not into the commercialisation of Valentines Day, and I don't expect DH to buy me flowers because everyone expects them on this day.  Isn't it much nicer when you get a token of love that is out of the blue and totally unexpected.... like a cup of tea made for you without you asking for it, or bringing in the washing and having it all folded for you.

I did get DH a little treat today, he took the afternoon off (has the man flu) and we all know how serious that is and he is a lover of nuts, not a sweet tooth.  So I bought him a bag of assorted mixed salted nuts, the good ones with macadamias, cashews and pecans not just all peanuts.

HHmmm, lets see if I get that cup of tea later.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am on a mission

Its amazing how much you can accomplish when you have a deadline, 

Well I have two deadlines.
1. My first MIL (from my first marriage) is turning 70 in March and DH and I have been invited to her birthday party. Although my first marriage ended 23 years ago I have remained close to Elaine through my children. I have known her since I was 14 years old, and married my first husband at the tender age of 17. Looking back I was just a baby, no wonder by age 25 I was single again. ( I have been married to current hubby 20 years this year).

Anyway, As you may know if you follow my posts I was making a jelly roll sample quilt in the lovely Butterscotch and roses range of fabrics with no real idea as to who it would be for. Since the invite arrived in the mail this week I now know exactly who will be the recipient of this quilt. MIL #1 Elaine.

So this week I have finished all 12 of the blocks for this quilt and patiently await my delivery of fabric for the sashings, border and backing from the Fat quarter shop.
Here are the completed 12 blocks pinned on my design wall. I will probably mix them up a bit to balance the colours out before I join them together.

 And here is a close up photo of the last few blocks that I have made this week.
postage stamp

arrow head

garden trail

card tricks

maple star

Deadline #2 is that my son has his discharge date from the Army - Feb 25th .  I am so excited to finally have him and the babies Leo and Ziva home.  Feb 25th is also the day he joined 4 years ago so its good that his discharge date is the same.  But this is a busy day for me as its also my darling daughter Sheree's 27th birthday, and the twins Paige and Connors first birthday party. (they turn 1 on Feb 26th).  How busy am I going to be that weekend.

The sewing deadline is to finish Ziva's carousel quilt.  I purchased some batting for this (and for Elaine's jelly roll quilt) this week, and I plan to get this pinned ready for quilting later today.  I have also ploughed on with sewing the scrolls on the Adelaide floral sampler and only have 2 left to go.

This morning the twins came to visit for Breakfast with Nanna Sue and Nonno, and by mid morning were all worn out.  I couldn't resist this pic of them having a nap.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My week

Work work work, with very little play, and with some of my favorite shows back on TV the sewing room has taken a step back. Having said that I did get one mammoth task completed this week.

The scrolls on the Adelaide floral sampler quilt.

I traced them (made a templastic template first), ironed them onto the fabric and matched them up in rows and ironed them onto the quilt blocks.  All that cutting out around the swirly bits seemed to take forever, and can you imagine what my floor looked like after.  A hint from my LPS was to wait until the end before popping these on so I can line them all up nicely.

My HUGE mistake ( you may not notice it) is that one of the designs is not centred correctly.  In the planned layout of the quilt this was supposed to be the centre block, but I have chosen not to use it for this as it stands out too much.  I don't know how this happened and didn't realise until I put the scrolls on.  Each block is 20 inches square so quite a sizable quilt.

I have sewn around 4 sets of scrolls, so 5 more to go, and gee were my shoulders stiff after that. So I may have a rest day before I tackle a few more.  I then have to stitch them together and pop on the borders.  I will have this as a wall hanging above my antique sewing table in my living room. I love it.  Oops, just spotted one block sideways in the pic, at least they are not stitched yet :)

My only other sewing job this week was block six in my jelly roll sampler quilt, Union square.  Last week I ordered the sashing and border fabric for this quilt. The fabric range is butterscotch and roses, so very pretty.  This puts me at the half way mark on this quilt.

Last but not least I wrapped my OASS gifts and tied them with pretty bows and popped in the post today.  I should have taken a pic of the parcels, green tissue with a green bow and purple with a purple bow. I hope to hear they arrived safely in a day or so.