Sunday, January 15, 2012

What have I been doing today

Its a lovely sunny day today in Adelaide, not to hot, with a nice breeze so I have spent the morning in the garden.  DH and I live in a courtyard house with no lawn so gardening is no big chore.  Today's activities were all centred on the front yard.

I dead headed my three rose bushes.  I have standard seduction roses, they start out a vibrant pink and fade to a soft pink - very pretty.  In front of the standard roses is a box hedge which was a bit out of shape so I got the electric hedge trimmer and neatened (squared) that all up.  Behind them are some diosmas that were a bit unruly so they got a hair cut too.

I have a bay window at the front of the house and the garden in front of that is just a mass of everlasting daisies with clusters of  agopanthas here and there and they were all brown and dry and the agapanthas had long finished flowering so I trimmed them all back with the hedge trimmer.  Cut off the dead agapantha flowers and pulled away all the brown dead leaves.

Everything then got a good sweep and water.  I headed inside for a celebrationary cup of coffee and headed to the sewing room.

I have now finished the borders on Ziva's carousel quilt.  All that's left is the quilting and then beading on the horses.  They have beading on their saddle's and bridles, and of course I need to give them eyes.  Here is a pic of how the borders look, and when I have finished it off I will show you a photo with the beading.

I have to purchase some batting before I can get stuck into the quilting, but not sure if I do the beading before or after I quilt it.  Any ideas on that please ( I am thinking after), but not certain what would be the best method.

Now to head back into the sewing room to blanket stitch block 9 in the Adelaide floral sampler. After this I think I may make another one or two FWQA blocks or one more Jelly roll sampler block.  So much to do, any only so many hours in the day.


  1. Your courtyard garden sounds beautiful. I love Ziva's quilt. If it was me I'd bead after quilting.

  2. Pleased you had a nice day to get out and do a bit of gardening. far too hot here.
    The Carousel Quilt is looking good. Lovely colours. Yep I would bead after quilting.
    Have fun in the sewing room.

  3. It's raining and rather cold here in Portugal. I'm so jealous of your sunny garden.
    I love your baby quilt, It's wonderful. I think it's better to quilt it first and then do the beading.

  4. Honestly don't know where you found the time to fit that all into one day! Do they give you more hours in the day down there in Adelaide than they do in Brisbane? Good job though, you must be really safisfied with what you have achieved today ;)

  5. My what a productive day you have had. I would bead after quilting. I think the beads could be a pain to quilt around.

  6. Sounds like you have been very busy today. The quilt you are making is just beautiful.

  7. lots to get done.... I'm with the others... bead afterwards but it really depends on what quilting is being done... you will do a great job...

  8. Gorgeous quilt... love the horses xxx

  9. Lovely quilt! And definitely bead after quilting. Otherwise the beads will be a pain...


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