Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I cant get by without a little help from my friends

I love blogging and running my quilting groups.  Its introduced me to a world full of new friends that I otherwise would never have met.  I received some lovely Christmas cards and thoughtful gifts.  I have been helped out with blog buttons or general quilting questions.  It is so rewarding.

Here is one of my furry friends, Josephine taking a nap on my sewing table, she seemed quite intrigued watching the needle bob up and down.

But today the friend that I want to talk about is Leena. 
As you would know I am participating in the FWQA and got really stuck on one block " night and day"  I made and remade this block so many times and here is the best I could come up with.  Its OK, you can laugh ( I did.).

HHm, lets see , it looks ok, sort of, a bit wonky, unless you view it side on

And see that it looks like a little hill or a bra cup- maybe I should go into the quilted bikini top business.

 Here is my other attempt, not good
I was running out of patience, I was frustrated I was going to have to not include this stunning block in my quilt so what did I do?

..................................................................I phoned a friend (or emailed her at least). 

I recall seeing this block on the 12 inch blog made to perfection  - as all of her blocks are, so I asked a huge favour.  Would she help me out and make me a block for my FWQA.

  And WOW
Look what arrived in the post today

Leena did comment in a note with the block that she did find this quite a challenge in the 6 inch size, (phew so its not just me)  and sent me some precut templates for paper piecing, and some black and yellow fabric to try it out on and practice.

I certainly will try it paper pieced.  I have been making all of my FWQA blocks with the templates provided in the book, but this one floored me.

Here are the two blocks other FWQA blocks that I have made this week

57. Morning

58. Mothers dream
Looking back, I didn't realise until I took the photos that I favoured yellow this week.

I have also pulled out my stash of blue and white fat quarters to make the Oh My Stars quilt.  As I am not going to start this until I get one more finish done ( keeping true to my New years resolution) So when I do start it I will be playing a little bit of catch up.

Here is a selection of some of my favourites, I think I will need to purchase one or two or a darker royal blue so its not all pale - stay tuned to see them turn into stars.

I also went white fabric shopping today for the white as I needed 4 meters for this quilt (seems like a lot but thats what the pattern called for).

I don't  tend to purchase a lot of fabric in Spotlight, but do find their tone on tone whites quite good, and they cost half the price of the LQS, I also purchase by batting from them when they have a sale and buy a bundle of it at a time.

So thats me up to date, what have you been doing this week?


  1. No wonderf you had trouble with that block. It looks very fidlely. Now nice of Leena to have helped you out.
    Nice blocks you have made and I love your blues.

  2. Wow that block is stunning! Love the colors. I can see why it was so challenging. Hugs.

  3. That's what friends do.. help each other.. Leena is now a good friend! The block is sensational! You are a good girl keeping your NY resolution too! Very StRoNg! :)

  4. What a tricky block. I think I'll leave that out of my FW quilt.

  5. Poor you... you must of been so frustrated in the end... how wonderful of Leena to get you sorted out... love your other blocks as well... the blue and whites are gorgeous xxx


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