Monday, January 30, 2012

I am serious - not much sewing last week.

Well, I certainly got a few comments a week ago when I posted that I hadnt done much sewing, but looking back last week it is really the case. Its a sad fact that last week the only sewing time I got was a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

I used this time to set to work on my Once a season Swap gifts which has an autumn theme.  Putting my thinking cap on what did autumn mean to me.  As the weather cools you can start cooking and baking again so I decided on a kitchen set, and made a pot holder and kitchen towel set. 

My partners blog didnt give me any real hints on her favourites, it was a bit of everything, so I chose a cheery red with a bit of a French provincial feel.

My first attempt on the pot holder was a bit sad as I forgot to quilt it before I put the pockets on, and tried to cheat by sewing both sides of the binding on by machine. So now I have a badly made one in my kitchen and remade it for my partner.  I roasted a chook last night and used it to take the chook out of the oven and didnt burn my fingers, so doubling the wadding at the hand ends of the pot holder seemed to work a treat.

I have also been making a few of these bookmarks as tuck in gifts, I think they are cute, and a great way to use up selvidges.  I think I have enough selvidges to make 100 or more  :-)

And here is my pile of gifts for my OASS partner all ready to gift wrap.  I still need to purchase one or two more goodies to tuck in - maybe some sweets or chokkies.

The only other sewing was tonight I made my Feb 12 inch partner her block,  you can see it HERE  so see, not a huge sewing week. But I did get my February swap commitments well underway so the rest of the month I can dedicate to me.


  1. It can be frustrating when you want to do more sewing but you have done well with the time you have found... lots of lovely gifts... you reminded me of the bookmarks... I started a couple ages ago... I wonder where I put them?

  2. ANY sewing is good!!! You've put together a wonderful bunch of tuck-ins for your partner. Very generous too.. and the autumn item is perfect I think! Well done Sue! :)

  3. Your lucky partner - what fabulous presents.

  4. You certainly have achieved a bit more than I have this week :(


    Sue you ARE the greatest. My goodness the gifts were amazing!

    Thank you Thank You Thank You


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