Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another finish - BOLD STARS

I have completed another quilt top that I have decided to send off what is personally a very worthy cause.

Aussie Hero Quilts that you can read about HERE

Its a group of ladies that are sending quilts and laundry bags off to the Troops serving in Afghanistan.  As you know my son Jarrod is serving in the Military, and thank fully his trip overseas to Afghanistan was cancelled about a month before he was due to go (much to the relief of his family).

You can read about the contributors of this quilt on the QBSA blog.

I have also been practising my night and day star with the templates that Leena kindly send me,  but I am sad to say, I still ended up with a very sorry looking star.  Each half was ok, but they didn't match up together. I made at least 6 quarters just to get this far, and some of them with the colours the wrong way around.

Looking at it, the points are certainly better and its getting there, so I need to practise some more, as they say, Practise makes perfect. 
 I am self taught at paper piecing, but always end up with a lot of wastage, is this normal?
I also made a softie this week, to tuck away into my gift stash.  Last year I made three of these little owls, 2 Christmas ones and one in pink and blue and gave them all away as gifts.  This one is a green hoot, isn't he cute. I used some ribbon for his hair rather than wool.


  1. There's that gorgeous star quilt again! Yes paper piecing creates a frustrating amount of waste, but it really is the only way to create some blocks.

  2. As always your sewing is fabulous. I love your star quilt.


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