Monday, January 2, 2012

2 finishes in 2 days, and then some.

I Love long weekends, and I had an extra long one as I had Friday off, and today was a public holiday so guess what I have been doing.  Sewing, sewing and more sewing.

But not all of my long weekend was spent sewing.

- I did also go to a New years eve dinner dance at the Stamford Grand at Glenelg,

- Have fish and chips at Brighton beach with my SIL Margaret and BIL Gilbert, nephew Daniel and his wife Mel and their darling 3 year old Kai,  watching the sun set (this is 2km from where I live).  We had to sit under umbrellas as it was soooo hot in the sun, it was still 37 degrees at 6pm last night., (that's 100 in Fahrenheit).
Brighton beach and Brighton jetty
- See Tom Cruise in Mission impossible, love the realism of those movies. he he. 
- have breakfast at a cafe in Henley Square (Stella's)  looking out over the ocean.

Henley Square at Henley Beach

On the sewing front I have so far had 2 big finishes. 

1. Little Red work Village. 
Stitched the binding on, and labelled.  I forgot to take a photo of it when it was finished and I have given it to my darling great niece Kai as both her and her mum Mel loved it.  Mel has promised to email me a picture of it on her bed when they get home to the Gold coast from their Christmas visit to Adelaide.

2. Oodles of poodles

I managed to get all of the quilting on this one done today, and have just finished stitching the binding in place.

I quilted it around each poodle shape and did an all over curved quilting around each poodle to make them pop. Here it is under my machine half way through the quilting process.  I find I need to take regular breaks as my arms and shoulders get quite stiff when I am free motion quilting. 

I think I may keep this one for myself, I love this range of fabrics, (Martinique) and this colour palette is one of my favourites. - Unless someone I love sees it and loves it too.   This was made with a layer cake, and all I have to purchase was some fabric for the sashing and binding.  I chose a complimentary egg shell blue from Will & grace as the shop had sold out of this range (well it has been sitting in my stash for well over 2 years).

I have also finished off a few little sewing projects that have been sitting in the WIP basket.
1. I made two of these little needle cases to use as gifts this year.

 2.  A pin cushion from some diamonds that I had cut out.  I have no idea what I originally planned to use these in, but they were hand stitched together and there was two of them, so I joined them, stuffed it and added a cute heart button and viola - another little gift.

I made my 12 inch block for my partner Teresa - so that's off to Portugal for her tomorrow - see it here
and I had 2 attempts at a FWQA block - when a friend came to the rescue.  Stay tuned for a giggle when I post about that one.  (I giggle when ever I look at the block I made).

I have signed up for a new quilt along here  I plan to make mine in blue and white as I have quite a stash of blue and white fabric that I have been saving for a project.  I will then only have to purchase the white, as I don't have enough of the same white in my stash for this project.
 But before I can start I have to do one more finish. - thats my promise to myself :)

Sadly, its back to work tomorrow, I guess work pays for quilting fabric (and food) so cant avoid that I am afraid.  At least it has cooled down, we finally have turned the air conditioning off and have opened up all of the windows to let in the breeze.

Now to go and make a nice cup of tea.


  1. Hello Sue,
    You have been busy. Love the quilting you did on the Oodles of Poodles (does your Bernina have a stitch regulator) Hope it cools down soon down there in Adelaide. You seem to get heat waves every summer now. We are having an amazing summer here in Brisbane with most days being in the top 20's but we are due for some hot weather soon :(

  2. You have stitched up a storm and I also love the quilting on your poodle quilt. What sort of foot is on the Bernina??
    It has been cool here but will be hot agin tomorrow. Hope it is a bit cooler for you.

  3. I am so impressed! Not just two finishes but a whole lot else besides! I best get off the computer and do some sewing....

  4. what a great few days... you got so much done... love the quilting...

  5. You are a super-star. So much already. I adore your poodle quilt.

  6. Love the quilting you have done on the poodles. Good luck with that third finish. Isn't that Oh my stars quilt great, I got sucked into making it as well.
    Hugs Tanya
    PS the weather has been quite mild up here in QLD.


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