Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Followers of QBSA will know I have cleaned up the data base, and I continue on the cleaning up with the job of cleaning up my UFO pile for a fresh start to 2012.

So here is my planned white rabbit list for January 2012

1. Complete all 3 block swaps on time
2. Complete Oodles of poodles quilt
3. Complete Henrietta's whiskers quilt
4. Complete Adelaide floral quilt top
5. Add one more row of blocks & sashing to FWQA
6. Make 8 FWQA blocks
7. Make 2 needle cases for gifts
8. Start planning Blue berry crumble charm square lap quilt
9. Start planning Jelly roll sampler quilt
10. Put a hanging sleeve on gollies quilt

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all of my lovely friends and followes.  May you have a joyous Christmas.  Love Sue x

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Half way there and some Christmas mail

As my friends would know I took on the challenge of the Farmers wife Quilt along back in August. 
I am pleased (and relieved ) to officially be over the half way mark. Yes I have just completed block number 56 (out of 111).

Here is a snippet of what I have done so far.

I was going to add in another row with the ones that are loose (which is why its all on the floor), but after playing with them, I think I need to make another few more to have a better selection for the next row.  I am trying to keep with bright modern prints.

Here are the next few blocks I have made:

53. Jackknife

54. Kitchen woodbox

55. Linoleum

56. Maple Leaf
My other task this week has been to honour the promise to myself to finish some of my UFO's.  And this week I completed "Little Red work Village".  I started this quilt in July 2010, and the quilt top has been the longest resident in my UFO pile, and I really cant say why as I do love it.

Here is the top with the binding all stitched in place. 

 I decided to only stitch in the ditch on this one, and did this around the stars and along each of the three border pieces.  As the centre of each star is stitchery,  I didn't want to over quilt this one.  I do plan to hang it on a wall, but for now its thrown over the back of my sofa as it has a certain Christmassy cheer to it.

Here are some close ups of my favourite stars.

bird house


Quilt shop

tree house
And last but not least it was lovely to get some Christmas cards in the mail today from my friends that I have made over the time running QBSA. 

Thank you to Leena, who included some lovely bright Santa squares (she says for my pot holder collection), to Cathy who sent me a lovely hand made card, and to Ank who's card came all the way from the Netherlands.

and before I go, here is my Christmas tree, all trimmed up surrounded by gifts for my loved ones.

Love to all of you, and have a very happy and safe Christmas - Quilted hugs, Sue xxxxx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winding down to 2012- the MUST DO LIST

I decided not to make a white rabbit list as such this month.

Only because I know there is no way I can commit to anything at this crazy time of the year.  I will do a bit of this and a bit of that when ever I can sneak an hour in my cave, but I think any planning will be planning to fail.

I have made one promise to myself however, and that is not to start a new quilt until I have completed at least three of my UFO's

So whats on my UFO list

1. Little red work village:  This quilt top has been sitting in the pile for more than 12 months.
2. Churn dash frienship quilt - again have made the quilt top, just not put it together.
3. Henrietta's whiskers: quilt top done Just needs embellishments and putting together.
4. Adelaide Floral sampler: Need to do block 9 and put on the borders then quilt
5. Oodles of poodles, again the quilt top is done.
6. Carousel quilt - still have a bit to go on this one- time line end of Feb so a bit of time up my sleeve
7. Red and blue stars - still need to get a few more 6 inch blocks from the swap to complete it
8. FWQA - about half way through the blocks, so this will be a 6 month project to finalise

A bit of a theme here.  I love to make quilt tops, I admit the piecing is my favourite part.  I also dont mind the quilting when I get started on it.

The part I really struggle with is the quilt sandwich.  Laying it out, making sure its square, having no creases and hours and hours of pinning. 

Looking back on this list now I have made it, I think I can manage to do the little redwork village, as it really will be a lovely quilt.  Oodles of poodles, and Henrietta's whiskers.  By then with a bit of this and a bit of that the other quilts will be closer to completion, but I will allow myself to start on a new quilt using  a jelly roll and my new jelly roll pattern book.

Here is pic of the first quilt top to be dealt with, all blocks have stitchery, the centre one is a Christmas theme - how appropriate

So without doing a white rabbit list, that is my white rabbit list.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pooches on Parade

Congratulation to Tanya, the Oodles of poodles quilt pattern will be winging its way to you this week.
I hope you have as much fun making this quilt as I did, I look forward to seeing your version

Hugs,  Sue

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some good mail

Here is the pile of mail I received today   - Notice anything?
That's right, the bills on the left are unopened, but the large pile of opened envelopes were all my favourite kind.  Nice and squishy.  Lets see what was inside.

My November Christmas swap block from Jen, My November blazing arrows - lucky me received 2 blocks from Helen and a lovely Christmas card and personal organiser diary from Cheryll.

Thanks ladies, you have made my day.  I will leave the other pile of mail for DH to open he he.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Desperate housewives guest blogger

The very lovely and clever Jane from quilt Jane found here is running a unique idea for a desperate housewives quilt.

Jane has invited 50 guest bloggers to design a block and write a tutorial on how to make it.  The block measures 8 1/2 inches, and come together to make the desperate housewives quilt.

This week its my turn and as we head into the Festive season I have decided to make a block with a Christmassy theme - the good ole Christmas tree with a naive flavour

Now I have made this tree on a couple of occasions in the past in a larger format for blocks in Christmas quilting block swaps so its not a new design I have just come up with but a tried and tested one that I like the look of.

1. Piece of background fabric measuring finished size 8.5 inches ( I used cream)
2. Several scraps of co ordinating fabric width 1.5 inches, lenght max 6.5 inches (I used 5 green strips)
3. One strip of second co ordinating fabric for trunk ( I used red)
4. One 2.5 inch co ordinating square of fabric for tree base (I used a second red)
5. Small scrap of gold or silver for star - optional
6. Printed fabric with gift design for fussy cutting - optional

So here we go....

1. First select your background fabric and cut it to size. (8.5 inches)
but you could make a bigger version if you like.

this should be one piece in a contrasting colour to the tree. I used cream with gold scattered Christmas trees.

2.  Now choose your contrasting fabric for the tree.  I like to use lots of different greens, but you could use all the same, the choice is up to you.  I made the trunk of the tree red but that could be the same colour of the tree if you like. 

You don't need a lot of fabric for the tree, so this is a good way that you could use up some of your scraps.   You could even use different colours to make it a real scrappy tree.

3.  Find the centre of the block and iron or finger press a light crease on it.  You don't want a Christmas tree that is not centred.  Choose another co ordinating fabric piece for the base of the tree.  I used red, draw a 2.5 inch square onto visofix and iron the fabric onto it.  Cut the red trunk strip to 6 inches long.

4. Draw strips onto visofix no wider than 1.5 inches, and in 1/2 inch increments from the longest to the shortest ones. 

5. Iron the visofix onto your chosen fabric pieces and cut them out.  They are easy to cut with a rotary cutter so you get nice straight edges.  If like mine you have crimped edges these are easily straightened up with the rotary cutter.

6. Position your trunk down the centre crease of your fabric and iron in place.   At the base of the trunk place your 2.5 inch square, making sure it is centred and covers the bottom of the trunk. I positioned mine 1.4 inch from the base of the block so when its sewn into a quilt the base is sitting on the edge of the block.

7. Blanket stitch ( by hand or machine) around the base of the trunk and the trunk itself as its easier to do this now than when the branches are added.  Use a matching thread.

8. Now its time to position your branches.  Starting with the longest one at the base gradually getting smaller as you climb the tree in true Christmas tree fashion.  Iron in place.

I like mine a little crooked as I think it lends itself to the naivety of the tree, but you could put them all on straight.  If you wanted to, you could even make the branches wonky.

Blanket stitch the branches in place using a co ordinating thread.

9. Now its time to decorate your tree, unless you like this plain version and if you do, then you are done :

10. On the Visofix draw a wonky star, and iron this onto gold or silver fabric.  Cut it out and iron in place.  As before stitch with blanket stitch in a matching thread.  On a previous tree, I used a filament thread for a sparkly finish.

11. If you have some fabric with a gift design on it you can fussy cut the gifts and scatter them around the base of the tree.  You could even add baubles if you wanted to with shiny buttons.  The final decorating creativity is up to you.

Here is my finished tree

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Such a busy life.

I am back, thank  you to all of the ladies that sent me congratulations on the arrival of Ziva, I have not had the chance to get around to thanking you all personally as its been a super busy week.

 arrived home from Townsville at 5.40pm on Saturday evening only having to rush home and out again to my darling Sister in Law Margaret's  60th birthday dinner at a lovely Greek restaurant and Henley Beach. - which incidentally is not far from the airport.  Hmm, maybe should have just gone straight there.
but after 5 hours of travelling I did need a freshen up.

I made Margaret a quilt (no surprises there) for her birthday.  Marg loves all things Japanese so I attended a two day workshop to learn how to make this, and here it is:

close up of one panel
 I have shown it before when I first made it but that was quite some time ago. 

So to continue on with the busy week, it was my work Christmas party on Sunday. We had a casual family gathering at my bosses home.  He has a wood pizza oven and we created lots of new gourmet pizzas and had a lot of fun.  Santa even paid us a visit.

The downside of this was (probably) on one of the flights I caught a bug, and woke on Sunday morning all achy and with a sore throat.  So as soon as we got home from the Christmas party is was straight to bed for me, as I had work on Monday morning, and catching up after a few days off is always nasty.

Monday was Marg's actual birthday, so we all took a plate to have tea at her house, lucky for me, m y gorgeous DH made my famous eggplant pasta bake that the family love so I could rest.  Again an early night with a throbbing blocked head, and still a sore throat.

Today the sinus pain is less, but the throat is still sore, so its been aspirin every few hours to get me through the day, and today is my Step daughter Jessica's 28th birthday. 

We have only just got home, but thought I would pop on here for a short while before I head to bed.

Friday night we have the Elton John concert - looking forward to that, Saturday is grand son (Jessica's ) 2nd birthday at a local park, and Saturday's night Christmas drinks at a friends house.

isn't this a crazy time of the year.... no time to be sick, or sleep.

Before I go, here a a couple of pics of my precious new baby Ziva and big brother Leo, who seems so grown up now.  And yes, he called me nanna within a day of me being with him.. bliss.

my first cuddles at home

cheeky Leo

proud dad Jarrod with Leo (feeding turtles in the Ross river)

Nanna (me)  watching Leo at swimming lessons
Before I go, I almost forgot.  Due to being away, and not being well, I never got a chance to draw a winner in the pooches on parade giveaway details here.  So I will extend this to this coming Sunday 11th December at midday and announce the winner in the afternoon.