Friday, September 30, 2011

keeping busy-

After losing a week with out a sewing machine, I have managed to catch up some lost time and complete a few more of my September while rabbit list.

I pieced together this Christmas table runner from blocks made in the Christmas swap group. from top to bottom, thanks to Shauna . Cathy and Cheryll for your blocks that contribute in this project. 

I have a few more planned, one with log cabins and another with Christmas trees so stay tuned for those.

As MIL's machine cant quilt - its all set to go when my machine is back.  Likewise, she does not have a blanket stitch on her machine so the Adelaide floral sample, and Henriette's whiskers BOM's will have to wait for my machine to come home.

But, I have also made some more ground on the FWQA blocks,  the plan is to do 2 a week, which is 8 for the month and I have managed to do 8 so on track with that project.  Here are the next 4
34. Flock

35. Flower Basket

36. Flower garden path

37. Flower pot
So in reality, the only tasks I did not complete were those I was unable to due to not having my sewing machine (quilting and blanket stitch), so I pretty happy with that.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mother in law to the rescue

I am so happy, I can sew again.  My dear mother in law Rina has loaned me her sewing machine while mine is in the reapair shop.  Its an old Pfaff, (about 30 years old), but still in remarkable condition. 

I have made one FWQA block on it and it finished 1/4 inch to small, as there is no 1/4 inch foot I was guessing the seam allowance.  I will presevere as thats not to bad overall on a block with lots of seams, and as I get used to the machine I am sure I will get better. 

It also does not have a blanket stitch so none of my applique will get done, but at least I can SEW again.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

bargain fabric

Everyone loves a bargain, hop on over and visit Green fairy quilts

They are having a massive fabric sale.  Jelly rolls for $29 (US), but with a strong Aussie $ we get them even better than that.  I just bought a gorgeous bundle of  Ruby flannel fat quarters for $40 (for 13), even with international postage costs its less than I can get it for here.

My son and his wife just settled on a new house, that they will be coming to live in when his term in the army ends in February.  They were very fortunate that the vendors wanted to rent back till then so a win win.  But this will be a nice little house warming pressie for them.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My poor sewing machine is sick.

My sewing room looks like this...
Notice anything missing :(

You guessed it, my sewing machine.

Sewing last night it started making funny grinding sounds, so I cleaned it, just a bit of lint, nothing major
(I clean my machine quite regularly), oiled it, cleaned it again.  And still the labouring grinding noise.
So off to the Bernina retailer for them to take a look.  Only to be told its going to be 7-10 days before a technician can even look at it, and then they may need to order a part. 

Luckily, I had made my 6 inch block swaps, (below)

And this is how far I got on Rosemary's pin wheel quilt - I was sewing the borders on this when the noise started.

What can I do ?

 Lots of catching up on blogs, I can trace, cut out and iron onto vislofix the bits and pieces for my last block in the Henrietta's Whiskers quilt and my Michelle Hill Adelaide Floral Sampler - but that's as far as I can go.

I am certainly not going to get all of my white rabbit list done this month now.  Any one got a spare sewing machine I can borrow?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Versatile blog award

The very lovely Teresa from quiltingstitchingannsewon sent me the versatile bloggers award.  Thank you so much Teresa I am honoured

The rules of this award is that I have to tell you seven things about myself

1 - I have 5 grand children, Mitchell, Leo, Jack,  Paige and Connor (soon to be 6)
2 - I have two dogs - Billy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Robbie the Bichon Freise
3 - I love real coffee, and probably drink to much of it
4 - I dream of visiting Italy (hope to get there for my 50th birthday in 2013)
5 - I am terrified of snakes
6 - I work in real Estate as a Leasing manager
7 - I would love to own my own patchwork and quilting shop

I now have to pass this award onto 15 of my blogging friends, which by the way is a terribly hard thing to do as I wish I could pass it onto all of you.

But here we go
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* quilt dad

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As most of you may not know, I work in real estate as a Leasing Manager for a prominant SA Real Estate company, and my patch of turf is the Adelaide CBD and inner city suburbs.

In my day to day life, I dont often get to experience nature like a lot of my lucky bloggy friends because of this.  I only dream of a country lifestyle filled with dogs, cats and chooks, and am filled with awe at the photos some of my friends post of moose and bears - amazing.

But yesterday standing at an open inspection at the inner suburb of Walkerville, I had my own colourful brush with nature.  Outside of the property was a bottle brush tree in full bloom as it is spring, and there was a lot of commotion coming from this particular tree.

On closer inspection I spotted a good half dozen colourful Rosellas having their evening meal.  Lucky I had my camera on me for a few snaps and here they are:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday sewing

Today was another perfect day in Adelaide with lovely sunny spring weather.  Unfortunately my hubby had to work so I was home alone.

 I did a spot of Spring cleaning and pulled out all of my linen cupboard, sorted and refolded everything.  Discarding items like single and double bed sheets - too old for quilt backs, and as we only have queen beds in the house - no use to us.  Round table cloths, as I don't have a round dining table anymore, and other bits and pieces like this.  The cupboard looks amazing now, I even colour co ordinated all of the towels.

Once this was done, it was a spot of ironing and then I hit the sewing machine.

I made my next four farmers wife quilt blocks to honour my white rabbit list of 8 a month (or 2 a week) and as we are half way through September this is a tick of the list.

Here they are:
30. End of Day
31. Evening star

32. Farmer's Daughter

33. Farmer's Puzzle
My solid black jelly roll has arrived so I plan to start piecing bits of this quilt together, I also purchased a solid green (as in the green above- but without the pattern) to make the corner stones.  I think it will look quite dramatic and hopefully the black will make the bright colours pop. Stay tuned for a peek at this as I sew along.

UPDATE: Since my last post I have started to put the quilt together.  I will only do a few rows as I need more blocks and colours in the mix for it to look balanced but here it is so far, I am sooooo excited at how good it looks.  Kinda like a bag of licorice allsorts. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrating Jacks first birthday

Jack turned one on the 15th of September - how time flies.  And today was his big birthday party.

Jack is the third oldest grand child in our growing brood.  Yes we have 5 under 2 years of age, with another due in December.  It was a lovely warm (but windy) spring day, and Nicole had rented the local neighbourhood centre for the day which was fantastic as there was play equipment outside to keep all the children busy.

Here are some pics of the day, none of Nanna Sue (me) as she was the photographer.

Jack trying out his Thomas the tank engine from Nonno and Nanna Sue 

With mummy (Nicole)

Cutting the cake.  As soon as this was done he grabbed the candle, lucky he had already blown it out. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have discovered a fabulous fun and SUPER EASY way to make perfect pinwheels every time, so I am sharing it with you all.

As my friends know I have a bit of a charm square fetish happening in my life right now, and this method uses charm squares, BRILLIANT

I am using two charm square packs for this quilt, as I want to make it a bit larger than a traditional lap size, but more of a throw over the sofa kind of quilt.

So, I have started with these two charm square packs

Chose one light value, and one dark value and place them face to face

Sew a 1/4 inch border around the inside edge of the two charm squares

Cut twice on the diagonal, and you will have 4 perfect quarter square triangles

Press the seams open, with the seam towards the dark side

Place them face up in a pin wheel design ready for stitching

Match the seams and butt them together and stitch the two quarters together,
and then the two halves together .

And there you have it - a PERFECT PINWHEEL.

Its so easy, you can make lots of pin wheels in no time at all

Monday, September 12, 2011

Its a Hoot charm square quilt finished

I just love Moda precuts, they make it easy to piece together lap and cot quilts, and I have managed to get three of these made in recent months - all from charm square packs.

The most recent one is called its a Hoot and is going to be put away for my new little grandaughter who is due in December to come out of the hatching pot (grin).

Last night I finished stitching the binding, and managed to get the quilting done over the weekend.

I free motioned quilted around the birds that are on the border fabric with loops between them.

And did a simple in the ditch around each square section with a cross across the centre

I love the bright colours in this charm pack, its going to be a great tummy time floor quilt - or easy one to take to mothers  group or even use in the cot.

The pattern is from my three times the charm book, I love love love this book, and am sure there is more charms square quilts to come.

Below are the other two nursery quilts I have made using this pattern book, a pack of charm squares and some extra fabric from my stash.

Before I sign off for the night, I also want to say thank you to everyone that has posted a comment on my blog and sorry for not personally emailing you to say thanks.  Last week has been extremely busy for us on the home front and I just never got the chance to do this, and now time has passed it does not seem right.
But I love to read your comments, and share your friendship, even if I do not always find the time to reply to them.

Quilted hugs, Sue xxx

Tuesday Treasures (oops, posted on Monday).


How we all hate it, but just imagine what it would have been like for the ladies that had to use these

I have four old Irons in my collection, and I use the heavy ones for door stops when I want to hold a door open to let in the fresh air. 

This one is the largest and heaviest in my collection, and sometime in the past it had been painted orange, and then gloss black.  Its a solid piece of iron and quite heavy.

 This is the smallest one, and the lift lids for you to pop hot coals inside.  The handle is wooden, and there is a cute chick on the lever that turns to open the lid.

This is also quite a heavy one, the handle looks as though it may have been replaced at some stage as it does not seem to be as old as the iron itself

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

First 7 Adelaide Floral sampler

I haven't blogged about this quilt for awhile, and to be honest I did go a bit stale on it, as the applique is quite fiddly and intricate.  But I am pleased to say that I completed block 7 this evening so I am up to date until my next block arrives in the mail in the next week or so.

As you can see, I have not put the edge scrolls on any since completing the first two, as a hint from the lovely ladies in the quilting shop.  Its much easier to line them all up when all of the centres are done as it will look quite odd if they don't line up properly.  And can you imagine how difficult it would be to unpick and reposition especially since they are fused before stitching.  So glad I got this hint before I advanced too far.  I also have not trimmed the last few down to size, will also do this in the completion stages. 

I cant wait to see how this looks when its all completed, I am going to have it as a wall hanging.

Domestic goddess - who me ?

Definitely not..................

However,  I did partake in some domestic activity this afternoon since Mother nature has reverted back to winter after tricking us into thinking it was over.

So with a rare Saturday afternoon to myself I did a spot of baking.  The result is a dozen or so misshapen chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies..

Now to settle down with a nice hot cut of tea and taste the fruits of my labour.

On the sewing front its been a slow week.  I have managed to pin my Its a hoot charm square quilt ready for quilting, and I have cut out and ironed on the applique for block 7 of the Adelaide Floral sampler.

My guess is with the football preliminary finals on the television tonight, I may get a good start on these two projects under the sewing machine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday treasures

Today I am sharing another travel memory. This time from South America. 

My lovely husband Sergio was born in Sao Paulo Brasil, and we had the good fortune to visit his cousins in Sao Paulo in 2006.  We had 3 glorious weeks spent touring and visited Chile, Sao Paulo, Guaruja, Santos, Rio De Janiero and Ubatuba.

One of the popular souvenirs in Brasil is semi precious stones and we purchased several beautiful items made from the stone.  Costume jewellery, lovely cake forks, and salad servers with stone handles. 

Today however, I am showing the magnificent birds.

The first one is the Parrot, purchased from a gift store at the top of Sugar loaf mountain in Rio,  just look at the exquisite detail of the stone carving.

And how can you not love the large piece of Amethyst that he sits on

The second bird was spotted at the air port in Santiago Chile on our way home - and we thought he was so pretty we had to have him.  The lovely South American Toucan.

Just look at the lovely colours and how the stone is blended together.

We hope to get back to Brasil again some day.

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