Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its a HOOT- another grand daughter. + FWQA started

I am very excited to announce that my son Jarrod and his wife Kat (Kathryn), are expecting a baby girl in December.  So Leo is going to be a big brother.  And what kind of Nana would I be if this little girl did not receive her very own quilt.

So, I picked up this lovely cute Its a Hoot charm square pack, and some co ordinating fabric to make something special for her. 
Her cousin Paige (one of the twins) is very excited to have a girl cousin as at the moment she is out numbered with 2 brothers, (Mitchell and twin Connor), and two boy cousins, (Leonardo and Jack).

I am also pleased to show off the first three Farmers wife blocks, (FWQA)  but actually its block number 1, 2 and 4 as I ran out of time yesterday to make block 3. 
But before I show them I have to show this example of what NOT to do.

The Farmers wife quilt comes with a CD of printable templates to cut onto templastic to use to make the blocks.  I thought I would be clever, and save time and just measure the blocks and cut the fabric out to size.
Look what happened - and then I had to make the block again, this time being a good girl using the templates, the second time I decided to use a fussy cut centre

So, this is block #1

Attic windows

Block 2
Autumn Tints
Block 4

Basket weave
July to do list - done!!

I have one more Adelaide floral sampler quilt to make for July to complete all of my July tasks, so that is my first job today.  Then I will do block 3 of the farmers wife quilt.

  1. Its a Hoot charm square quilt
  2. Finish the Fiona charm square quilt
  3. Block 8 of Henriette's whiskers free BOM
  4. Block 7 of the Adelaide floral sampler BOM
  5. Make at least 3 Farmers wife blocks per week
  6. Make my August Christmas swap block
  7. Make my August 6 inch swap blocks
I certainly am going to be busy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I never knew that we got postal deliveries on a Saturday but obviously we do, because look what the lovely postie delivered today..
I have a rare weekend off, and I was only thinking - "wouldn't it be nice if I had this to make a start on my new project"

Hubby and I had to go out this morning for a few errands, and when we got home there was a parcel on the doorstep - and it was here.

I had planned to catch up on my ironing, (and fold some fat quarters). But I cant now.  I have to make a start on this, its calling to me.

I have printed off the templates for the first 4 blocks.  I am going to be very orderly about this and make the blocks in the order that they appear in the book.  The first four look relatively simple.  The group challenge is to make two blocks per week, but I am 8 weeks behind so I am aiming for four per week until I am caught up, but will be happy to achieve three.

So, without further ado, guess where I am going.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fabric folding - well on its way

I am pleased to report 2 things, 

1. I have successfully folded all of my fabric stash larger than a fat quarter onto comic backing boards
2. I have more fabric than I realised that I ever had.

Its quite an experience to dig into your bins of fabric and find bits and pieces purchases long forgotten, but now its all on display just like a mini quilting shop.

Last night I was up to well past midnight and look what I achieved.

Thank goodness for Ikea furniture, this bookcase has been transformed.  In the top section I have all my folded fabric, nicely lined up and colour co ordinated and grouped (nursery fabric, Christmas fabric, dots all together etc).

This photo was taken part way through the process as I was sorting it all into piles.

Here is a close up of it on the shelving, doesn't it look lovely.  It was quite pleasant to revisit each piece of fabric and fold, press and pat it before nicely folding it on the cards.

Here is where my Jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cake and Bali pops live.

The top of the book case is the ideal size for a cutting mat.  Not good for cutting large amounts of fabric for a quilt, but great for making quilt blocks, or paper piecing.

I purchased these lovely boxes - the large one stores my UFO's, the middle one is felt and selvidge strips and the little one is home to all my lovely thank you cards.

Now, all I have left to tackle is my three trays of fat quarters, I have the whole weekend off so guess what I will be doing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesdays treasures

This is my first ever Tuesdays treasures,

I have shown this off before, but here it is again...  My beautiful antique sewing machine and table.  And no, I still have not figured out how to get it working.

I love to save old antique wooden cotton reels, and old buttons.  I keep the cotton reels in the drawers where they belong.  The machine and table are in perfect condition. I love just looking at it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farmers Wife quilt along.

I have just joined this quiltalong. 
Amanda and Angela that are hosting this quiltalong here . Why dont you join up with us too.

I have just ordered my book, and also have ordered some contemporary fabric, as I too have decided to put a modern twist on this one.  The goal is to make a quilt from the  111 blocksfeatured in this book

They started the quilt along at the beginning of June (this year) and their goal is to make 2 blocks per month.  So I am 8 weeks or 16 blocks behind.  I will have to sit on my hands until my book and fabric arrives (at least I found the book on line from an Australian book shop), so that shouldnt take too long to reach my door.  

I will start up new page on this blog to show my progress, and I need to look into flicker stream so I can join in the fun and show off the blocks as I make them,
As if I have not got enough to do.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A winters walk

Its a lovely sunny winters day today in Adelaide so as a treat we took the dogs for a walk along the beach, and for good measure I took my camera along

Just arriving - dogs ready to run

Lots of good things to sniff- see all the other dog walkers

me and the boys

Leads back on

Mosaics on St Johns Row

The park is called Jimmy Melrose reserve - this is Jimmy, an aviator

Love this one of a mosquito

Friday, July 22, 2011

FNSI - show and tell

Me = one satisfied and happy sewer.

I (almost) have the quilt top finished.  This pattern is called Fiona and it is in my 3 times the charm book.  Made using one pack of charm squares (these ones are Sumptuous- by Robyn Randolph), they feature soft pink, creams, blues and greens and the little blue sprig fabric used on the square in square blocks has been in my stash for some time waiting for the right day - and the right quilt.

The pink inner border is cute hydrangeas, also from the sumptuous range,  but the photos do not show this up very well.

Joanne, is a friend at work and she is expecting a baby girl in October so this will be a gift for her.  Jo is a girly girl - like yours truly so I am hoping she will like the fabric I have chosen. I will be putting a wider second border on the quilt using the same little blue sprig print that is used in the square in square blocks.
I will pop a pic of the completed quilt on here when its done.

So - a very productive FNSI don't you think !

FNSI + A Lovely surprise package is delivered

YAY - Its Friday night, and I AM going to spend it sewing. 

Whats on the agenda -

                                     A BABY quilt for a friend at work.  Lets see how far I get (the fabric is already cut).

                 On a very exciting note I received 2 squishy parcels in the mail today.  One BIG one was my lovely lovely lovely PIF gift from Crafty Pugs. 

Take a look...

Its a gorgeous Christmas themed table runner, made from beautiful blocks made for Crafty Pugs  (and now me) in the Christmas block swap.

Thank you so much Crafty Pugs for putting these lovely blocks together in a table runner for me, as well as the other welcome little goodies of some Christmas fabric, embroidery silk and scrappy strips pin cushion.  Thank you also to the ladies that made these lovely blocks that feature in the quilt. 

The other squishy package was a block in the 12 inch group so you will have to read that post to see it :).

I am also pleased to say that block 7 in the Henrietta's whiskers free BOM has been completed this week, so I am still on track with my to do list, Only one more job to do, and the whole week to do it in.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Need to get organised.

Today looked like this - wet, with a steady stream, of misty rain.  Not a good washing day but the bed sheets had to be done.

 Robbie decided that he wanted to make himself comfortable even before I could finish getting the doona cover on, or the pillowcases for that matter

Scrolling though some of the blogs I like to read, I found one that interested me greatly about folding fabric and if you take a look at my stash you can see why I need to take this advise.  Here is the link, so take a look for your self.  Doesnt it look great !!

I have material here.

more hereand then there is some here

My scraps (anything less than a fat 8 - off cuts etc, are all sorted and into colour co ordinated tubs.  But I also have a tub of Christmas FQ's, Civil war FQ's, Country style (checks and chooks), and 1930's FQ's.

My three trays of assorted Fat quarters live here: 

But look how messy my tray of Eye spy / novelty fat quarters has got- so that has to be sorted and some refolding is required.


My mission is to sort all of this out into an organised, neat fabric storage system, using the comic book cards mentioned in this post.  I have been online and ordered them so now to wait for them to arrive and the room will get a make over. I will pop some completed pics up so you can see the difference.

I also have a FINISH to show you,  Its the Christmas swag.

The pattern called for the 4 mini quilts to be strung along side of each others, but when visiting a quilting shop to stock up on supplies I noticed one they had done hung vertically.  The pattern is called catch a falling star so it was meant to be that they had a star hanger in stock in the right size.  So this is how it looks.

Now to tuck that one away for Chrissy time :)

I am also pleased to be on track with my June projects, I only have the Henrietta's whiskers block to make and the block 7 of the Adelaide floral sampler - with 2 weeks to go.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you for the help

Thank you ladies for the hint, I unticked stay logged in and now I can comment again.

Silly me made the email address  which is such a long email to type every time, hence my tick, but I would rather comment so I have to :"suck it up" as my kids would say.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cant comment :(

As we all do, I love to read every ones blogs and catch up on all of the gossip.  I don't necessarily comment on every single one, but do comment here or there on something amusing, or delightful that catches my attention.  However,  lately I have been having trouble commenting, has anyone else?

I log into my blogger, then merrily read blogs, and when I go to post the comment it gives me a message to say sorry unable to complete request.  I have never had this before, and it is not on every blog, I can comment on some but not others, and these are blogs I follow and have commented on in the past - very strange and frustrating

Any ideas on how to resolve my dilemma.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Staying on track.

I am pleased to report a productive week in the sewing room.  Which is quite an achievement as Hubby and I have joined the new SA Aquatic centre that has just opened (its less than 1 km from home).  So far we have been swimming 4 times, and had our health and fitness assessment at the gym with one training session. This of course has eaten into my sewing time, and as I work full time 5 1/2 days a week, every minute of down time is precious.

I have made and posted my Christmas swap partner her block for July. (see this here)
I have also finished the applique on block 5 of the Adelaide floral sampler, so still have block 6 to do.

I have finished the applique on my Christmas wall hanging, here are the four very cute blocks.  I love the stripy socks that I have given Santa. I still have to hand stitch their eyes and smiles.

Then I need to quilt them, bind them and join them into a swag.  The pattern is called catch a falling star and it has timber stars strung between each mini quilt but I think I will make nice fat Christmas fabric stars instead - mainly because I have no idea where to get wooden stars from.

I have also joined the Christmas mug rug swap, so while I am in the Christmas spirit my task today is to make a start on that project, I have already some fabric and patterns in mind - very exciting.

I also wanted to share with you one of my favourite flowers, the Poppy. 

I love the way they POP out of their little buds, all crinkly and gradually open up, with the creases falling out as they do.  Their little stems look like hair legs to me.

When I purchased these from the florist yesterday afternoon, only one poppy was out,  and within 24 hours they have all but popped, I still have 5 in bud.  The nice surprise is you also don't know what colour they will be until they open, I have so far some creamy whites, soft peachy pinks one bright orange and quite a few daffodil yellows.  So cheerful on a gloomy winters day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Christmas in July- and Connor gets his new quilt

Why is it we seem to think about Christmas in July?

My guess is that in Australia, we celebrate Christmas in the midst of a hot summer and the Traditional Christmas fare is being overtaken by summer time foods like prawns and crayfish, sparkling wine and outdoor dining.

So in winter we can roast the turkey, dive into a hot pudding and drink warm eggnog like our Northern Hemisphere friends do at Christmas time.  Quite a few of us are having family and friend get together at this time of the year to enjoy each others company and dine on the traditional Christmas fare.

For me, July is a good time to start the Christmas projects as it allows the right amount of time to plan and complete them.  So for me, July is going to be about planning for Christmas - on the quilting front.

So my to do list for July has a Christmas theme:

First I have to make my Christmas block swap partner  her post and rail block.  I have recently taken delivery on this lovely pile of Christmas fat quarters to dive into.

I purchased this cute Christmas swap pattern a few months ago and plan to make a start on this using the new Christmas fat quarters of course.

I also am planning to use some of the 12 inch blocks received in my Christmas block swap to make a Christmas table runner

On the non Christmas front I have to complete block 5 and 6 of Michelle Hills Adelaide flower sampler.  This is the only item I did not get to in June, so now I have 2 to complete before block 7 arrives later this month. 

I also am itching to start on the William Morris silk cushions, but that may have to be an August project.  The other BOM that comes out this week is block 7 of Henriettas Whiskers so that goes on the list too.

And lastly, but never least - here is Connor trying out his new quilt that I completed for him last month

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank you, Thanks and Thank you

I have received so many thank you cards from all of the ladies that I have been swapping with over the past 12 months or so, and I often wonder what do other ladies do with all of their thank you cards.

I love them all so much and cant bear to throw them away, but I am running out of places to put them,  I have some here

Some more tucked away here - and you can see my first ever (and only) Happy Halloween card from Mary

But most of them live here

By far the most unusual one is one of my very first from Crafty Pugs, made from wombat poo of all things, I have post cards from America and Canada and all sorts of pretty note cards. Some hand made and some purchased.  The most unusual hand made card was from the lovely Mary from Canada who sent me a hand painted wooden Christmas card.  Can you spot your card (sorry some do overlap others).

I am not a card maker, but I do give a lot of thought to the cards I buy, and love the pretty ones.  A few months back I stumbled on a box of cards with quilt pictures on them, some of you would have received them from me, but alas they are all used up.

My most recent purchase was cute Thailand cards, so they are the ones being sent out now.
On another note when I was editing this post I realised it was my 100th post.  Its amazing how fast the posts add up.