Monday, June 27, 2011

Half way there- and Connors quilt FINISHED ..

I set myself a to do list last week and I am pleased to say that I am on track ( so far so good)

All 6 inch blocks made, and ready to be posted  (check)
take a look at them here

Block 6 of Henrietta's whiskers completed.  I also finished the hand stitching on blocks 4 and 5.

Here is how all 6 blocks are looking so far

And here is a close up of block 6

Lastly (but by no means least)
I am pleased to have completed the quilting and binding (and hand stitching detail) on Connors
Born to be Wild quilt.

So my remaining jobs for this week are to complete block 5 of the Adelaide floral sampler BOM, and play with my Thai silks and select some Christmas fabric for a banner I am planning to make.  Its easy when you set yourself goals.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Planning to succeed.

The holidays are over and my sewing machine is calling me. So here is my to do list for whats left of June

1. Make 4 x 6 inch blocks for the 2 swaps in this group
2. Finish quilting Connor's Born to be Wild quilt - and deliver it.
3. Make block 5 for in the Adelaide floral sampler BOM (block 6 came in the post today)
4. Make block 5 in Henrietta's Whiskers free BOM
5. Start planning the Thai silk William Morris cushions
6. Start selecting fabrics for a Christmas wall hanging

There is sooooo much more I want to do, new projects to start but I don't think I will publicly commit to them this month.  As long as it keep raining and is cold outside the easier it is to stay cosy and snug in my sewing room.

Lets see how far I get..... so without another word - off I go.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thailand treasures

As most of you would know I am home safe, relaxed and sun tanned.

As always, Thailand is a mecca for shopping and the grand children and children were spoilt., but I did manage to pick up a few delights for me.

Firstly I did manage to get some lovely Thai silk to make some cushions with (see below).  Unbelievable at $10 per meter - I should have bought more but we were already overweight on baggage.

Thai silk

Pattern to be used with Thai silk

Pure silk scarf from Jim Thompson - he rescued the Thai silk trade after the war

I love the colours of the fruit

In Phuket

Some more scarves and costume jewellery (for me).

Lovely cashmere pashminas- gorgeous colours and so soft and warm

Cute litte Thai gift cards

DH and I on Phi Phi island

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Less productive :( this week.

Life has got in the way of quilting, as we have been so busy trying to wind up for our holiday to Thailand.

I managed to get (sort of), a few of my to do list done, but I have almost finished my packing.

Henrietta's Whiskers block is completed, just the hand stitching details to do

My scarf is 2/3rd of the way done (3 balls in the pattern and I am part way through the 3rd ball

And Connors quilt is on the sewing machine, about 1/3rd of the ditch quilting done.

I don't think I will get time to complete any of these 3 things before I leave on Saturday so they are on my to do list for my first week home.

I also purchased this book this week,

This is to practice my newly acquired skills of foundation piecing.  It has one pattern for each day of the year, some of them quite daunting with the tiniest of pieces, others look simple enough.  Stay tuned to the block swaps as I will take every opportunity to use these patterns.