Sunday, May 22, 2011

It pays to Plan

Last week I showed off my finishes and set a plan of the work that I wanted to complete in the following  week. I am pleased to say having the plan has kept me on track and I achieved all of the items on my to do list

I (all but) finished block 4 of Michelle Hills The Adelaide flower collection.  As you can see I have not put the scrolls on block 3 or block 4.  This was a suggestion from the lovely lady in the quilt shop.  That I complete all blocks and add the scrolls at the end to ensure that they are lined up with each other (good hint).  Just in time as block 5 arrived in the mail this week.

I also completed block 4 of the free online BOM Henrietta's Whiskers.  So now I am almost up to date with the only outstanding block in this being Mays block. 

I also made my 2 six inch blocks for my May partner Susan, who's request was butterfly in Batik fabrics.  If you would like to see these blocks pop on over to the 6 inch group to have a look.

Lastly (today) I pinned Connors Born to be Wild Quilt.  I read on many blogs that pinning a quilt is the least favourite part of making one and I have to agree.  I have a little WIP pile, and I have to confess the quilt tops are all done, its just the pinning and quilting still to do.  I don't mind the quilting (now I have my lovely Bernina) but the pinning - yuk.  Poor Connor is almost 3 months old and still waiting for his quilt.  So I will get to work with some quilting later today.

And now onto my plan for week 4.  Well, of course there is block 5 of Adelaide floral sampler and Henrietta's whiskers.  As well as quilting Connors quilt. 

On a different note seeing all the lovely knitting on everyone else's blogs has got my fingers twitching so when I was in Spotlight yesterday I picked up 3 balls of wool to make a scarf. 

Knitting is something I love to do while watching TV as I don't need to concentrate as much as you do on stitching. (unless you are knitting an intricate pattern.  When I was younger I was quite a prolific knitter and used to knit jumpers on consignment for a shop in Adelaide. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A warm gift

Tonight I didn't go home straight from work, but met the hubby for a meal at the local hotel, on the way home from dinner he mentioned to me that a large parcel had arrived and got me thinking who could it be from.  I am expecting a couple of blocks in the swaps, but I would not expect these to be large parcels as most are posted in an standard envelope.

The parcel was a very thoughtful gift from Cheryll, who sent me a gorgeous silvery cream hand knitted neck warmer, with a lovely card.  How special do I feel now :)

Thank you sooooo much Cheryll the colour is perfect and its so warm and cosy.  I cant wait to wear it out.

Here is a pic of me modelling my lovely gift.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Recent finishes

Here is the work that I managed to get completed last week

Baby windows (from my 3 times the charm book), this has been made for my daughters lovely boss Nicole who is expecting a baby girl in a couple of months.  I made this using a pack of charm squares and then ordered the border and backing fabric (to match) online and that arrived last week.  So with some simple in the ditch quilting, I finished sewing the binding last night.

My other finish last week was block 3 in Henrietta's whiskers quilt.  I am so pleased with how these are coming together.

My plan for this week is to put together the quilt sandwich on Connors Born to be wild quilt (and maybe start quilting this), and to finish block 3 and start block 4 of the Adelaide floral collection BOM.  As well as this I hope to get block 4 underway of Henrietta's whiskers, and have to make my 2 6inch blocks for the 6 inch swap (more foundation piecing to practice on).

Whew, that's quite a list, so without any more to say, I better get cracking.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Towel toppers

The lovely my Postman delivered my towel topper today from Margaret.

Included in the parcel was a pretty photo note and a yummy kinder surprise egg (that I have eaten already).

Thank you Margaret, I love the pretty stitching you did on the towel, hugs, Sue

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Foundation piecing

I have always been intruiged by the mystery of foundation piecing and admire in anguish the beautiful blocks and perfect points that are acheived by this method of making blocks. 

I have read book after book, instruction after instruction and it might as well as been written in Martian for all I could understand. Then a light bulb came on.  I could see if there was a video tutorial in the wide world of the internet.

I found several, some not so easy to understand, some only teasing, (to see the whole bit your order the dvd), and some with simple instructions happily supplied free for all to view by friendly sharing quilting ladies like us.

After watching a few of these, and getting the idea I put the method into practice and have made a couple of practice blocks.  The first one is a twist on the basic pinwheel and I decided to do this one in Christmas colours.  There were a few challenges (pieces back to front), and a lot of unpicking until it all started to make sense.

Next I tried a more abstract block featuring hearts - just using scraps. 

I think I finally have the hang of this and will start to try a few more of the challenging stars - I cant wait to experiment more.

On a more important note it is Mothers Day in Australia today, so wishing all the mums out there a very Happy day.

My daughter Sheree took me out for lunch at Holdfast Shores (Marina) for lunch.  The sun was shining and mums and their families were out in droves.  We had delicious tapas at  Greek restaurant with a glass of fine wine.

Holdfast Shores restaurant precinct.
I wear more than one mother hat,

I am a Mother
Step Mother
Mother in Law and

Friday, May 6, 2011

A busy week

What a busy week, and I feel like I actually accomplished a lot, even though I suffered an injury.  One thing I now know is wine and cutting fabric does not mix.  I was so excited in finishing block one of Henrietta's whiskers on Monday night, that on Tuesday night I set to work on block 2.

I had a nice glass of wine as I was cooking dinner, and another with dinner. Then off to the sewing room feeling relaxed.  A little too relaxed as it turns out as I slipped with the rotary cutter and took a nice slice of the side of my finger.  That put an end to cutting (or doing anything else) for the rest of the night.

Its still sore, but I managed to get the cutting and piecing done on Wednesday night, as well as the applique.  here is the block, I just need to finish off the stitchery. 

Thursday night, was Hubby's night for watching the Footy show on TV so I joined him and sewed the binding on the Shabby stars friendship quilt.  I absolutely love how this quilt has turned out it is so pretty and girly.  I have to admit I am a bit of a girly girl. 

And today, Mr postman delivered my lovely hot pad from T Neilson in New Zealand.  I am sorry, but there was no note in the package so I don't know who the lovely lady is that made this for me, but thank you. I love it.  I am a big fan of blue and white (I collect china), and love pin wheels, so this is perfect for me.

Well, I think that brings me up to date. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Henrietta Whiskers

Here is my first block in this FREE on line BOM. 

I spotted this adorable quilt pattern on Melody's Blog (here is the post), and fell in love with it.

I have a bit of catching up to do as they are already 4 blocks down but I am pleased to say block one is done and dusted. I decided to do mine in traditional autumn tones, and when buying a few extra bits of fabric in the quilt shop today spotted these adorable wooden acorn button's that I will use somewhere on this quilt.

Here is block one.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here are a few of my favoutite things

I love tulips, there is something about the smooth perfect lines of a tulip, and the gorgeous colours they come in.  I cant but help buy a bunch when they are in season.

After taking this photo,  I realised I was being watched

And look how little seedlings of pansies and violas have grown

And somebody needs to tell the jonquils that there is still a long wait till spring

And who didnt love the Royal wedding

The office where I work is a converted church, fondly called the Abbey.
We celebrated in style with tiarias and champagne
I am closest to the camera, Dh took the pic.
This is the big screen we watched it on,
In case you are wondering my desk is the far left back corner, a very beautiful office to work in.