Monday, December 12, 2011

Winding down to 2012- the MUST DO LIST

I decided not to make a white rabbit list as such this month.

Only because I know there is no way I can commit to anything at this crazy time of the year.  I will do a bit of this and a bit of that when ever I can sneak an hour in my cave, but I think any planning will be planning to fail.

I have made one promise to myself however, and that is not to start a new quilt until I have completed at least three of my UFO's

So whats on my UFO list

1. Little red work village:  This quilt top has been sitting in the pile for more than 12 months.
2. Churn dash frienship quilt - again have made the quilt top, just not put it together.
3. Henrietta's whiskers: quilt top done Just needs embellishments and putting together.
4. Adelaide Floral sampler: Need to do block 9 and put on the borders then quilt
5. Oodles of poodles, again the quilt top is done.
6. Carousel quilt - still have a bit to go on this one- time line end of Feb so a bit of time up my sleeve
7. Red and blue stars - still need to get a few more 6 inch blocks from the swap to complete it
8. FWQA - about half way through the blocks, so this will be a 6 month project to finalise

A bit of a theme here.  I love to make quilt tops, I admit the piecing is my favourite part.  I also dont mind the quilting when I get started on it.

The part I really struggle with is the quilt sandwich.  Laying it out, making sure its square, having no creases and hours and hours of pinning. 

Looking back on this list now I have made it, I think I can manage to do the little redwork village, as it really will be a lovely quilt.  Oodles of poodles, and Henrietta's whiskers.  By then with a bit of this and a bit of that the other quilts will be closer to completion, but I will allow myself to start on a new quilt using  a jelly roll and my new jelly roll pattern book.

Here is pic of the first quilt top to be dealt with, all blocks have stitchery, the centre one is a Christmas theme - how appropriate

So without doing a white rabbit list, that is my white rabbit list.  Wish me luck.

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  1. the lists are great to have... I love your redwork... I have just finished stitching the centres in green/browns....


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