Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Such a busy life.

I am back, thank  you to all of the ladies that sent me congratulations on the arrival of Ziva, I have not had the chance to get around to thanking you all personally as its been a super busy week.

 arrived home from Townsville at 5.40pm on Saturday evening only having to rush home and out again to my darling Sister in Law Margaret's  60th birthday dinner at a lovely Greek restaurant and Henley Beach. - which incidentally is not far from the airport.  Hmm, maybe should have just gone straight there.
but after 5 hours of travelling I did need a freshen up.

I made Margaret a quilt (no surprises there) for her birthday.  Marg loves all things Japanese so I attended a two day workshop to learn how to make this, and here it is:

close up of one panel
 I have shown it before when I first made it but that was quite some time ago. 

So to continue on with the busy week, it was my work Christmas party on Sunday. We had a casual family gathering at my bosses home.  He has a wood pizza oven and we created lots of new gourmet pizzas and had a lot of fun.  Santa even paid us a visit.

The downside of this was (probably) on one of the flights I caught a bug, and woke on Sunday morning all achy and with a sore throat.  So as soon as we got home from the Christmas party is was straight to bed for me, as I had work on Monday morning, and catching up after a few days off is always nasty.

Monday was Marg's actual birthday, so we all took a plate to have tea at her house, lucky for me, m y gorgeous DH made my famous eggplant pasta bake that the family love so I could rest.  Again an early night with a throbbing blocked head, and still a sore throat.

Today the sinus pain is less, but the throat is still sore, so its been aspirin every few hours to get me through the day, and today is my Step daughter Jessica's 28th birthday. 

We have only just got home, but thought I would pop on here for a short while before I head to bed.

Friday night we have the Elton John concert - looking forward to that, Saturday is grand son (Jessica's ) 2nd birthday at a local park, and Saturday's night Christmas drinks at a friends house.

isn't this a crazy time of the year.... no time to be sick, or sleep.

Before I go, here a a couple of pics of my precious new baby Ziva and big brother Leo, who seems so grown up now.  And yes, he called me nanna within a day of me being with him.. bliss.

my first cuddles at home

cheeky Leo

proud dad Jarrod with Leo (feeding turtles in the Ross river)

Nanna (me)  watching Leo at swimming lessons
Before I go, I almost forgot.  Due to being away, and not being well, I never got a chance to draw a winner in the pooches on parade giveaway details here.  So I will extend this to this coming Sunday 11th December at midday and announce the winner in the afternoon.


  1. Ziva is just so gorgeous and Leo has grown into a big boy now.
    I am sure your SIL loved her beautiful quilt.

  2. Lovely pictures Sue and it sounds just hectic at your place... I love little babies sleeping on the chest and how precious hearing the 'Nanna'... enjoy Elton... and I love your Japanese quilt... get well soon!!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful visit Sue. Hope you feel better asap.. and enjoy the festivities!
    Congrats Nanna... on a beautiful baby!
    Merry Christmas :)


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