Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well I didnt back a winner but had fun

It was a lovely Melbourne Cup lunch today with my work buddies at the beautiful Saldechin tea house on King William Street in the city (Adelaide), here are a few fun picks from the day


  1. What race?... you looked to be having more FuN than watching horses gallop!
    Oh and I didn't back a winner either...errr ! :(

  2. what fun... you all look very glam.... hey Hubz won $24 from his work sweeps.. he backed the winner.. what a pity he didn't put more on!!! oh well... I get 1m of good fabric....

  3. looks like you had a ball!
    I have been to Saldechin before and the food was beautiful ;-)

  4. what a lovely day spent with friends Sue


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