Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday sewing

I had some time to my self today, so once the beds were stripped and sheets flapping on the line, and the basket of ironing done I headed for my sewing room.

I put a couple of borders on the carousel quilt for my new Grand daughter.  I am not following the pattern regarding the borders, but using my own artistic flair to do them.  I am loving how this quilt is turning out and cant wait to embellish it more as its completed.

If you click onto the picture you can see the lovely braid I have used above and below the horses. There will be some beading and embroidery on the horses too once all of the borders are on.

I was speaking with my son and his wife Kat earlier today and the doctor thinks that she may be come a little early so exciting times ahead.

I have also made three more FWQA blocks. The second two were a couple of the easiest ones I have made which was nice to have a break from all of the complicated blocks with little triangles. One more block to make and I am over the half way point.

52. Hovering hawks

53. Jack knife

54. Kitchen woodbox
I have completed 10 FWQA blocks this months so am ahead of schedule which is always nice. I only have to pin together my Henrietta's whiskers quilt to tick off all of the boxes in my white rabbit list, so thats a plan for one evening this week. 


  1. I love all of your Farmer's Wife blocks. To see other's blocks always motivates me with my
    own quilt. Thank you!

  2. The blocks are great... but Ooo that carousel quilt will be gorgeous! Nice job Sue! :)


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