Monday, November 7, 2011

Showing my weekend stitching

Another weekend has come and gone, and it is getting closer to Christmas - scary thought as I am not prepared even though I did buy some Christmas cards last week, my first Christmas purchase.

On Friday Jack  came for a sleep over, and we had fun with fish and chips at the beach as it was a lovely balmy evening.  Jack even slept through the whole night which was a first.

On the sewing front I made another tote bag, this one in lovely fresh tropical colours.

I made more progress on the carousel quilt with the centre panel and managed to sew on one pony and iron on the second one.  I need to purchase more vislofix to do the third one (dont you hate it when you run out half way through a project).  I up loaded this photo three times and each time it came out sideways, very frustrating but there is no option in blogger that I could find to rotate a photo.  It shows up the correct way in the file where I uploaded it. Gggrr

During the past week I also managed to get the next 4 Farmers wifes blocks done and here they are:
thats 48 down and only 63 more to go (whew).  These have also uploaded side ways
45. Grape basket
46. Hill and Valley
47. Home maker
48. Homeward bound


  1. haha... I will just uncrick my neck back to vertical position... so frustrating when the pictures won't do what you want!! but the blocks and horse look great and the tote is lovely... so nice to have had Jack over and sleeping well!

  2. Wonderful bag! And look at all of those beautiful Farmer's Wives blocks you have made - so pretty!


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