Monday, November 21, 2011

Once a season swap

What a lovely way to end a day.  I arrived home tonight to find a really LARGE parcel awaiting me.  Isn't this the fabulous part about taking part in swaps, its like your birthday or Christmas every week.

I opened the satchel from Australia post and saw this.

 Three lovely parcels, two tied up with lace and ribbon with fabric being used as gift wrap instead of paper.

First I opened up the little one with bubble wrap on it and inside was this

Two little sample pots of Jam, one of Kakadu plum (a native plum to the Northern territory) and Rosella jam.  I will be doing a taste test of these little beauties on my toast in the morning.

Next I opened up the parcel wrapped in tartan check and inside was this...

A beautiful quilted table runner with dragonfly's on it. 
I think Vickie has been reading my blog and read that I love these pretty insects.

 An adorable dragonfly fridge magnet.  When you open the fridge door his wings flap.
 A lovely pattern for a quilt that can be made with a layer cake, and a sweet Friendship book mark

 Here is a close up of the place mat showing the cute applique lace dragon flys.

Next I opened up the other parcel wrapped in white Christmas fabric with gold swirls on it. Inside was the most beautiful sewing case with matching pin cushion.  Vickie even included a new pair of scissors and attached to that was a pretty scissor keep charm - .  As you guessed it, in the form of a dragon fly.  And that's not all, as well as this was a FQ of chook print fabric.

 A novelty reindeer photo frame - sorry the picture came out side ways.
 And tied to the lace bow was a little hand made felt tree. He will go on my tree this year
I have participated in lots of swaps, but never before have I received such a bounty.
I cant thank Vickie enough for her generousity it is really quite overwhelming.

So now I can show you what I made for her - it should have arrived by now.

I included a pin cushion, some fabric, ribbon a bookmark and tea.


  1. Lots of beautiful gifts both received and sent.
    Lucky ladies.

  2. Sue I am so pleased you like your items , I had fun making and gathering for you.I looooove my cover you make it is so gorgeous thank you,cheers Vickie

  3. I am only new to swaps. What joy to go out to the post box to find a wonderful gift from a new friend.

  4. lovely swap received and sent


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