Tuesday, November 15, 2011

its nice to be appreciated

I work as a leasing manager for a real estate agency in Adelaide, and like most jobs it is quite thankless.  people are often quick to complain.  Today however was another story, I received this lovely bunch of Lillie's from a new tenant, he has just moved here from Los Angeles and is going to be the new Artistic Director at the Adelaide festival centre.  It was to thank me for being prompt with his rental application as he has to fly off to Europe in the morning for a few weeks to view 25 shows.  He wanted to leave knowing that his wife and son are secured into a property. Now, how does one get a job like that, sounds so exciting.   
They will be gorgeous when the open, I am not sure, but I think they will be pink.  These lovely tiger Lillie's come in soft pink with a vivid pink centre, bright yellow, bright orange or white and some have quite a strong perfume.

I have also been doing a few more FWQA blocks, and here they are:  

49. Honeycomb

Honey's choice

51. Hovering Birds
I think I will have to rename hovering birds hovering cherries, but I do love this block.  Cherries are in the shops now and that always tells me that Christmas is on the way.  Number 50, is a bit wonky, I may have to remake that one.

I also received a very clever book mark made from selvidge strips with a block swap a few months back and it gave me the inspiration to make some of my own.  The one I received has binding on it, but I cheated and sewed them right sides together, turned them out the right way and top stitched around the inside edge, catching in the open end.  It has a button sewn on a ribbon that hangs out of your book.  As the selvides are quite thick, I have not put any batting in, and when I cut my selvidges, I also cut off about 1cm of the fabric as I like to have a little glimpse of each piece.  I only use the bits with writing on them, as there are some cute names for fabrics, my favourite one is ladybird hugs - but I have not used that yet as I am saving it for something special.  I also like recipe for friendship, which is a good one to use in friendship swaps.

I popped one into my OASS as an extra, and have also made one to send off with my 6 inch blocks to my swap partner.  I save all my selvidges, with no plan on what to use them for, so this is one cute way to use them up, and if  your like me, you always need another bookmark.  I leave mine in my books and then pop the book into the bookcase and they are missing for years lol.


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful new tenant. Wonderful blocks! The bookmark is a great use for those salveges.

  2. It's always NiCe to be appreciated!
    What a great use of selvages too.. well done! :)

  3. With the bunch of Flowers you make your blog more and more beautiful with its scent. Quilt work from your side always appreciated, that third one is my favorite.

  4. The unexpected gifts are always the best


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