Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Love blueberries

My parcel from the FQ Shop arrived on Friday and I have fallen in love with Blueberry crumb cake.  The top fabric does not do this set justice, as there are so many more pretty fabrics in the range. so keep an eye out for me making some thing with this little gem.

Readers of my blog would know I am a blue and white girl so this fits the bill perfecty.  I only purchased a charm square pack, but think I may have to get a jelly roll too so I can use this lovely new book that I have also recenlty purchased.

I have a couple of jelly rolls in my stash that I have been itching to use but take a look at all of these lovely quilt patterns,  I was reading it last night and could feel myself drooling (giggle).  Its hard to know which one to make first.

I have also popped my carousel quilt on my design board, partially because my FWQ was getting too big to fit, but its also nice to display a WIP, its kind of like having art work on the wall in my sewing room

Here is a better pic of my progress so far, I have just purchased some pretty trims to use on this quilt that I have been having a play around with

On another note, one of my favourite things this time of the year is the jacaranda trees.  The part of Adelaide where I work has them on many streets and as the flowers fall it leaves a lovely purple carpet.

I think they are soo pretty, - dont you agree


  1. A fabulous post with so many interesting things. Can't wait to see what you make from your new book.

  2. What beautiful quilts that book has!! Any of them would look gorgeous in the blue and white of Blueberry Crumb!!
    I love the purple of the jacaranda trees!!! Looking forward to seeing them again when I head down there around Christmas ... my grandparents live on a street that has heaps of these trees all along ... it is gorgeous!!!

  3. I look forward to seeing what you make with the Blueberry Crumb fabric.
    I've been thinking this would be my choice when I get round to starting a DJ quilt.


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