Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome Ziva Jade Foster

I am proud and excited to announce the arrival of my new grand daughter Ziva Jade.  She arrived 10 days early at 2.06am this morning.  Weighing in at 3.15kg (6lb 15oz) and is 50cm tall.  Congratulations to her  proud parents Jarrod and Katherine and big brother Leo.

I thought I would have to wait until my son comes home in February for a cuddle but my darling husband has booked me a flight to Townsville on Wednesday.  I am so excited I am jumping out of my skin. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pooches on parade - giveaway

For several years I have had a layer cake (Martinique) sitting in my stash, in all honesty I forgot that it was there until I recently had a tidy up.  I had no project in mind when I purchased it, I just liked the colours and prints. 

A few months back I found a pattern  "Oodles of poodles" that uses a layer cake with only a little extra fabric for sashings and binding that was perfect for this particular layer cake.

As if I dont have enough on the go, I set about this week making a start on this quilt and tonight I have finished the quilt top.

Here is one of my pooches " Robbie" testing out the new quilt top.  I dont know why but he always sits on them when I lay them out for photographs.

I think he is in training to be a quilt critique like many other pooches I spy on friends blogs. 
Its quite apt really, not that Robbie is a poodle, he is a Bichon freise, but is often mistaken for a poodle.

I have used this pattern but am offering it as a give away.  Simply write a post on your blog telling us about your pooch and link it to a comment on this post. 

This give away is for the pattern only - sorry you will have to supply your own layer cake, but I will pop a few extra goodies in with the parcel.  Closing time is mid day on December 11th and the winner will be announced on Sunday Dec 11th in the afternoon .

And just so he doesnt feel left out, here is my other pooch Billy (with my puss Josie keeping an eye on things).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Once a season swap

What a lovely way to end a day.  I arrived home tonight to find a really LARGE parcel awaiting me.  Isn't this the fabulous part about taking part in swaps, its like your birthday or Christmas every week.

I opened the satchel from Australia post and saw this.

 Three lovely parcels, two tied up with lace and ribbon with fabric being used as gift wrap instead of paper.

First I opened up the little one with bubble wrap on it and inside was this

Two little sample pots of Jam, one of Kakadu plum (a native plum to the Northern territory) and Rosella jam.  I will be doing a taste test of these little beauties on my toast in the morning.

Next I opened up the parcel wrapped in tartan check and inside was this...

A beautiful quilted table runner with dragonfly's on it. 
I think Vickie has been reading my blog and read that I love these pretty insects.

 An adorable dragonfly fridge magnet.  When you open the fridge door his wings flap.
 A lovely pattern for a quilt that can be made with a layer cake, and a sweet Friendship book mark

 Here is a close up of the place mat showing the cute applique lace dragon flys.

Next I opened up the other parcel wrapped in white Christmas fabric with gold swirls on it. Inside was the most beautiful sewing case with matching pin cushion.  Vickie even included a new pair of scissors and attached to that was a pretty scissor keep charm - .  As you guessed it, in the form of a dragon fly.  And that's not all, as well as this was a FQ of chook print fabric.

 A novelty reindeer photo frame - sorry the picture came out side ways.
 And tied to the lace bow was a little hand made felt tree. He will go on my tree this year
I have participated in lots of swaps, but never before have I received such a bounty.
I cant thank Vickie enough for her generousity it is really quite overwhelming.

So now I can show you what I made for her - it should have arrived by now.

I included a pin cushion, some fabric, ribbon a bookmark and tea.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday sewing

I had some time to my self today, so once the beds were stripped and sheets flapping on the line, and the basket of ironing done I headed for my sewing room.

I put a couple of borders on the carousel quilt for my new Grand daughter.  I am not following the pattern regarding the borders, but using my own artistic flair to do them.  I am loving how this quilt is turning out and cant wait to embellish it more as its completed.

If you click onto the picture you can see the lovely braid I have used above and below the horses. There will be some beading and embroidery on the horses too once all of the borders are on.

I was speaking with my son and his wife Kat earlier today and the doctor thinks that she may be come a little early so exciting times ahead.

I have also made three more FWQA blocks. The second two were a couple of the easiest ones I have made which was nice to have a break from all of the complicated blocks with little triangles. One more block to make and I am over the half way point.

52. Hovering hawks

53. Jack knife

54. Kitchen woodbox
I have completed 10 FWQA blocks this months so am ahead of schedule which is always nice. I only have to pin together my Henrietta's whiskers quilt to tick off all of the boxes in my white rabbit list, so thats a plan for one evening this week. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

its nice to be appreciated

I work as a leasing manager for a real estate agency in Adelaide, and like most jobs it is quite thankless.  people are often quick to complain.  Today however was another story, I received this lovely bunch of Lillie's from a new tenant, he has just moved here from Los Angeles and is going to be the new Artistic Director at the Adelaide festival centre.  It was to thank me for being prompt with his rental application as he has to fly off to Europe in the morning for a few weeks to view 25 shows.  He wanted to leave knowing that his wife and son are secured into a property. Now, how does one get a job like that, sounds so exciting.   
They will be gorgeous when the open, I am not sure, but I think they will be pink.  These lovely tiger Lillie's come in soft pink with a vivid pink centre, bright yellow, bright orange or white and some have quite a strong perfume.

I have also been doing a few more FWQA blocks, and here they are:  

49. Honeycomb

Honey's choice

51. Hovering Birds
I think I will have to rename hovering birds hovering cherries, but I do love this block.  Cherries are in the shops now and that always tells me that Christmas is on the way.  Number 50, is a bit wonky, I may have to remake that one.

I also received a very clever book mark made from selvidge strips with a block swap a few months back and it gave me the inspiration to make some of my own.  The one I received has binding on it, but I cheated and sewed them right sides together, turned them out the right way and top stitched around the inside edge, catching in the open end.  It has a button sewn on a ribbon that hangs out of your book.  As the selvides are quite thick, I have not put any batting in, and when I cut my selvidges, I also cut off about 1cm of the fabric as I like to have a little glimpse of each piece.  I only use the bits with writing on them, as there are some cute names for fabrics, my favourite one is ladybird hugs - but I have not used that yet as I am saving it for something special.  I also like recipe for friendship, which is a good one to use in friendship swaps.

I popped one into my OASS as an extra, and have also made one to send off with my 6 inch blocks to my swap partner.  I save all my selvidges, with no plan on what to use them for, so this is one cute way to use them up, and if  your like me, you always need another bookmark.  I leave mine in my books and then pop the book into the bookcase and they are missing for years lol.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Once a season Swap

This season I joined the lovely Cheryll in her once a season swap   My partner is Vickie from the Northern Territory.  I cant tell you what I have made her in case she pays a visit to my blog but here is a sneaky peek.

I have popped a few other goodies in with the parcel (made by me too), I will show the whole item when I know its reached its destination.  This was a great fun swap, and you make a gift depicting the season.  Vickie gave me the idea of visiting her blog to see her taste and it is similar to mine except she is not into blue.  I am really pleased with what I have made for Vickie and I may just have to set about making one for me too.

And I cannot thank Cheryll enough for making me not one, but two swap mother buttons to pop on my blog.  I really must learn how to make these buttons myself.

These are the two we came up with

I have decided for now to use the bunny one, as I am feeling a bit Disney.  But do love both. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Love blueberries

My parcel from the FQ Shop arrived on Friday and I have fallen in love with Blueberry crumb cake.  The top fabric does not do this set justice, as there are so many more pretty fabrics in the range. so keep an eye out for me making some thing with this little gem.

Readers of my blog would know I am a blue and white girl so this fits the bill perfecty.  I only purchased a charm square pack, but think I may have to get a jelly roll too so I can use this lovely new book that I have also recenlty purchased.

I have a couple of jelly rolls in my stash that I have been itching to use but take a look at all of these lovely quilt patterns,  I was reading it last night and could feel myself drooling (giggle).  Its hard to know which one to make first.

I have also popped my carousel quilt on my design board, partially because my FWQ was getting too big to fit, but its also nice to display a WIP, its kind of like having art work on the wall in my sewing room

Here is a better pic of my progress so far, I have just purchased some pretty trims to use on this quilt that I have been having a play around with

On another note, one of my favourite things this time of the year is the jacaranda trees.  The part of Adelaide where I work has them on many streets and as the flowers fall it leaves a lovely purple carpet.

I think they are soo pretty, - dont you agree

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old and New

Kim from peach quilting here is asking us to show our oldest piece of fabric and newest piece of fabric and having a bloggy give away if you link your show and tell to her post.

I thought this was an interesting idea so I would play along.  My first quilt was roostin' roosters and I bought the pattern and fat quarter pack from the Quilt show back in November 2006, and finished the quilt in January 2007.  Here are two of the 8 panels in the quilt.

Looking through my scrap bags I managed to find a few scraps left over from this project, so that is my first fabric purchase, and what is left of it. I thought I saw some of the blue check in my stash a few weeks ago, but couldn't locate it today.

I have two new fabric purcases.  One is this Woodland bloom FQ pack, I have no plans for it, I just bought it because I liked it, and why not :)

I also recently purchased this lovely stash of Ruby FQ's in flannel and plan to make my son and his wife a snuggly house warming present with it, as they have just bought a new house that they will move into in February when he comes home from Queensland.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Showing my weekend stitching

Another weekend has come and gone, and it is getting closer to Christmas - scary thought as I am not prepared even though I did buy some Christmas cards last week, my first Christmas purchase.

On Friday Jack  came for a sleep over, and we had fun with fish and chips at the beach as it was a lovely balmy evening.  Jack even slept through the whole night which was a first.

On the sewing front I made another tote bag, this one in lovely fresh tropical colours.

I made more progress on the carousel quilt with the centre panel and managed to sew on one pony and iron on the second one.  I need to purchase more vislofix to do the third one (dont you hate it when you run out half way through a project).  I up loaded this photo three times and each time it came out sideways, very frustrating but there is no option in blogger that I could find to rotate a photo.  It shows up the correct way in the file where I uploaded it. Gggrr

During the past week I also managed to get the next 4 Farmers wifes blocks done and here they are:
thats 48 down and only 63 more to go (whew).  These have also uploaded side ways
45. Grape basket
46. Hill and Valley
47. Home maker
48. Homeward bound

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheeky chaps

DH and I arrived home from taking the dogs for a run in the park and there was a lot of commotion going on in the next door neighbours tree, can you spot what was making all of the noise.

 A family of Gala's.  I moved in closer to try and get a better picture and they spotted me and flew off.  No doubt they will be back.  Look at all the seed pods on this tree that is their evening meal.

 Here is the last flowering flush of my winter annuals.  I love the vivid intensity of the purples, especially in the trailing lobelia.  We are building a pergola this summer (as soon as the council send the approval), so I cant wait to have some hanging baskets of this trailing down.