Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's achievements

In an earlier post today I mentioned that I was going fabric shopping for the carousel quilt, here is what I purchased. Some lovely fresh me & my sisters fabrics in blue pink and green, with the purple one for the border.
 And I have already been busy, and have finished the applique of the diamond borders.
Next to draw the horses and start on the centre panel.  As that is quite a big part of the quilt I think I will leave that until next weekend when I have more time to work on it

Earlier today I made another bag for the market stand in December, I found this Japanese print in my stash, the I have no idea what I purchased it for and think it really works well in a bag.  It has gold in it so is really looks quite stylish, and matches nicely with the deep blue panels on the side.

This week I plan to centre all of my sewing on FWQA blocks, and will try to do one per night, as I am quite a few behind having only done 5 last month, when I should be doing 8 per month (or 2 per week). Lets see how I go.  Until then, bye for now.


  1. You have been busy.... love the fabrics you have chosen for the carousel quilt... it is going to be SOOOOOO pretty... the bag is great too...
    great stitching weekend...

  2. Lovely fabrics Sue and already well into the quilt. I love your bag too. Hope you catch up with your FWQA. Have a happy stitching week.

  3. Love the bag the fabric are really stunning


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