Thursday, October 6, 2011

A bit of stitching

Way back in August 2003, I started this mammoth x stitch project.  I think I worked on it for 12 months or so and then lost interest and tucked it away in a cupboard.  (I know it was Aug 2003 as I had cleverlly written this on the pattern)

Last weekend I was digging around in my cupboard and found it again, and yes, I have started to stitch it again.

The pattern is called the 8 immortals, I was thinking of making this the centre piece in a quilt using some Japanese fabric. Of course it would be a wall hanging. What do others think of that idea ? 


  1. Wow... I'm awestruck with all those tiny stitches... I think it would look fantastic with a quilted border ... and the japanese fabrics are so lovely.

  2. I think it would look sensational Sue!
    There are such a lot of lovely Japanese fabrics out, so you'll find something that takes your eye!
    Lots of work in that one! Well done! :)

  3. I've never seen anything like this before. It would be amazing as the centre of a quilt.

  4. This looks gorgeous Sue!! Is that 16 or 18ct aida? I'm a huge fan of cross-stitch myself ... though admittedly I haven't done any since I discovered patchwork/quilting!! I have a large angel that I am in the 'middle' of which fell on the wayside end of last year. I do enjoy handsewing and cross stitch ... maybe that's why I enjoy doing stitcheries in my piecing so much!!
    Gorgeous pattern ... GORGEOUS work!!!
    I vote on definitely continuing this to the end hun ... it will look great either in a quilt or wall-hanging!


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