Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back on to it

Finally my sewing machine is home and I can play again.  After bringing it home, then not being happy as it was still noisy and having to take it back again, I am pleased to say its home which = a happy me.

I have not done a lot of sewing or blogging this month, partially due to the above, but also a few nasty incidents in my personal life that I have had to deal with.  I wont go into it in any real detail, but my daughter who is 26 and lives alone met a man and started a relationship (only 6 weeks ago) , only to realise that he was not who he led her to believe and things got nasty.  The chap in question was on parole, and thankfully today he is back in police custody.  She is living at home with us again until she feels like she can comfortably go back on her own.  A huge lesson to learn for her, and a worrying time for us.  I am sure we can put it all behind us.

My white rabbit list I fear will not even begin to be completed this month due to the lack of sewing machine.  Readers of my blog would know that I did borrow my MIL's old Phaff, but without a 1/4 inch foot, and no blanket stitch it was hard to do much more than just some quilt borders.  I did manage to make my 12 and Christmas inch block swaps, but they were not as good as I would normally like them to be.

Today, to put my Bernina back into action I have done three more FWQA blocks,  Taking a fresh look at  Four winds (which was done on the Pfaff,), I can see that its not great so I may well have to redo that block. But here they are in any case:

38. Four winds

39. Friendship

40. Friendship block


  1. Awe...Sue,
    Hugs & prayers & for your daughter as well!

  2. Great blocks... hope your daughter recovers from this soon... it's hard for everyone and I know a mum hates to see her daughter in pain... take care of you also...

  3. Wonderful blocks. Sorry to hear of your daughter's troubles. Hopefully being home is the what she needs to feel right again with the world.

  4. Oh I bet you are glad to have the machine back and sewing again... OMG what a horrible time with your daughter hope she is moving on from the ordeal... you must of been beside yourself with worry xxx

  5. So glad to hear you are sewing again! Take care of your DD.

  6. Fabulous sewing. How horrible for your daughter. Thank goodness he is gone from her life and she has you to help her regain her confidence. what a terrible thing for you all to have to go through.


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