Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's achievements

In an earlier post today I mentioned that I was going fabric shopping for the carousel quilt, here is what I purchased. Some lovely fresh me & my sisters fabrics in blue pink and green, with the purple one for the border.
 And I have already been busy, and have finished the applique of the diamond borders.
Next to draw the horses and start on the centre panel.  As that is quite a big part of the quilt I think I will leave that until next weekend when I have more time to work on it

Earlier today I made another bag for the market stand in December, I found this Japanese print in my stash, the I have no idea what I purchased it for and think it really works well in a bag.  It has gold in it so is really looks quite stylish, and matches nicely with the deep blue panels on the side.

This week I plan to centre all of my sewing on FWQA blocks, and will try to do one per night, as I am quite a few behind having only done 5 last month, when I should be doing 8 per month (or 2 per week). Lets see how I go.  Until then, bye for now.

Planning for November

I find that I can get through my tasks much better when I have a list, and for a number of months now I have joined Melody in making a white rabbit list.

Here is my list for November, and I am already ahead of schedule completing both my Christmas and 12 inch swap blocks this weekend.  Later today I am off to the LQS to purchase some lovely bright fabrics for the carousel quilt that I making for my son and his wife's new baby (girl) due in December.  The come home to Adelaide (from Townsville) in February and I plan to give it to her then so I have a few months to get this project completed.

I have purchased a pack of Bella solids to use on the diamonds and small details, and I have plenty of white for the main panel, I just need to select some brights for the other strips.  Kat (baby's mum) is quite fond of purple, so I plan to make it quite purple, rather than pink with the borders.

Here is my list for the month

1. Make and send Christmas swap block - DONE
2. Make and send 12 inch swap block DONE
3. Make and send 6 inch swap blocks
4. Start carousel quilt 
5. Make 2 more bags for stall
6. Pin and quilt Henriette's whiskers quilt
7. Complete block 8 of the Adelaide floral sampler BOM
8. Complete 8 Farmers wives blocks
9. Piece top of Log cabin Christmas table runner
10. Do one more row of sashing strips on to FWQA blocks
11. Piece centre of red and blue star quilt

Lets see how far I get - no excuses this month a my sewing machine is home, and running well.  So hi ho hi ho, back to my sewing room I go ,
Note to self, lets make a cuppa first :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pin wheel quilt completed

My regular readers may remember my pin wheel mini tutorial here

Well now I have my sewing machine back I have been able to complete this quilt for my dear friend Rosemary.  I started with a charm square pack of Lilac Hill and used the complimenting fabric in the range for the two outer borders and binding.  The cream sashing was from my stash,

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I did loopy 3 leaf clovers on the pinwheels, waves in the sashes and large stipple on the outer border.

I Popped pin wheel cornerstones on each corner,
 corresponding with the four colours used in the centre of the quilt.
 I had to piece the back as I did not have quite enough fabric to fit,
so I used the same fabric a the peeper border with a pin wheel centre.

Its nice to tick another finish off the list.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some more sewing done

I had a reasonably productive day in the sewing room today.

Firstly I made another 241 tote bag.  My step daughter Jess is having a stall at an upcoming market selling baby head bands , hair clips and hats etc and to see how they go I am going to give her a few of these to sell.  Like most quilters I often get asked if I sell my quilts and I dont, I make them with love to give to the people I love, as a lot of time goes into making one.  But I can whip one of these bags up in an hour or so.

Stay tuned to see if they sell.  I will probably only make 5, as if they dont sell they will become Christmas gifts.  Any suggestions on how much I should charge for a bag like this?

I have also managed to get the next 4 FWQA blocks done,  and here they are:

41. Frienship star

42. Fruit basket

43. Garden path

44. Gentlemans fancy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally a little finish

A few weeks ago I showed off the Christmas table runner made from blocks in the Christmas block exchange.  Now that I have my Bernina back I have been able to quilt and bind this.  I completed stitching the binding on last night.  Thanks to Shauna, Cathy and Cheryll who made the lovely blocks that are the main focus of this delightful table runner - all ready for Christmas

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back on to it

Finally my sewing machine is home and I can play again.  After bringing it home, then not being happy as it was still noisy and having to take it back again, I am pleased to say its home which = a happy me.

I have not done a lot of sewing or blogging this month, partially due to the above, but also a few nasty incidents in my personal life that I have had to deal with.  I wont go into it in any real detail, but my daughter who is 26 and lives alone met a man and started a relationship (only 6 weeks ago) , only to realise that he was not who he led her to believe and things got nasty.  The chap in question was on parole, and thankfully today he is back in police custody.  She is living at home with us again until she feels like she can comfortably go back on her own.  A huge lesson to learn for her, and a worrying time for us.  I am sure we can put it all behind us.

My white rabbit list I fear will not even begin to be completed this month due to the lack of sewing machine.  Readers of my blog would know that I did borrow my MIL's old Phaff, but without a 1/4 inch foot, and no blanket stitch it was hard to do much more than just some quilt borders.  I did manage to make my 12 and Christmas inch block swaps, but they were not as good as I would normally like them to be.

Today, to put my Bernina back into action I have done three more FWQA blocks,  Taking a fresh look at  Four winds (which was done on the Pfaff,), I can see that its not great so I may well have to redo that block. But here they are in any case:

38. Four winds

39. Friendship

40. Friendship block

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday treasures

I love dragon fly's so much so that I had one tatoo'd on my shoulder last summer (call it a mid life crisis).

Here are some of the Dragonflies that live in my house which I am sharing with you this week for Tuesday treasures.

Stained glass sun catcher

Leadlight lamp

Ginger jar

Needlework cushion that I stitched

I have 2 of these cushions on my sofa

tea light candle holder
Hop on over to Melody to see what other treasures are being shared.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A bit of stitching

Way back in August 2003, I started this mammoth x stitch project.  I think I worked on it for 12 months or so and then lost interest and tucked it away in a cupboard.  (I know it was Aug 2003 as I had cleverlly written this on the pattern)

Last weekend I was digging around in my cupboard and found it again, and yes, I have started to stitch it again.

The pattern is called the 8 immortals, I was thinking of making this the centre piece in a quilt using some Japanese fabric. Of course it would be a wall hanging. What do others think of that idea ? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday treasures + a day at the football.

I missed out on sharing a treasure last week as it was so busy, but with a long weekend in Adelaide this weekend I have had some time to think about what treasures to share and take some photos.

This week I am showing  a new treasure to me, of an old item.  I found this old tray and stand and fell in love with it.  It needs some TLC that I will give it, as the nails are popping out and its quite loose, so I will pop a few nails and some glue into it to strengthen it, and give it a coat of wood oil.  I love the rustic look of it and the cute little hearts cut out on the sides. 

I think it looks pretty with my pot of carnations on top.

If you want to share in Tuesday treasures, visit Melody here to see what treasures are in store.

We have just got home from a weekend away, it was a long weekend in Adelaide (labour day) and DH and I also took a much needed Tuesday off as I had won a weekend a way at a hotel in the Adelaide Hills (Stirling),  after a relaxing breakky - we headed to Hanhdorf a small little German town in the Adelaide Hills.  Its been years since we had last visited here, but it all seemed pretty much the same as it always had.  I didn't take any pictures, but I did purchase this cute little Portuguese rooster from a gift shop. I have seen these in peoples homes, and have always wanted one - he is supposed to bring me luck, I think he is adorable.  He is now part of my rooster family.
On Monday, we went to a football game at the beautiful Adelaide oval.  It was the state or origin between SA and Victoria.  but the slow down version (retired footballers.)  We had a corporate invite and were invited to the after game mingle with the players so I got to meet one of my hero's Mark Ricciuto or the Roo as us South Australians fondly call him.  Incidentally, South Australia won the game by one point.

Me and the Roo

I love the view of the cathedral from the oval

the banner

after the game kick & catch for the kids

I also got to meet Dermot Brereton