Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Versatile blog award

The very lovely Teresa from quiltingstitchingannsewon sent me the versatile bloggers award.  Thank you so much Teresa I am honoured

The rules of this award is that I have to tell you seven things about myself

1 - I have 5 grand children, Mitchell, Leo, Jack,  Paige and Connor (soon to be 6)
2 - I have two dogs - Billy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Robbie the Bichon Freise
3 - I love real coffee, and probably drink to much of it
4 - I dream of visiting Italy (hope to get there for my 50th birthday in 2013)
5 - I am terrified of snakes
6 - I work in real Estate as a Leasing manager
7 - I would love to own my own patchwork and quilting shop

I now have to pass this award onto 15 of my blogging friends, which by the way is a terribly hard thing to do as I wish I could pass it onto all of you.

But here we go
* Gone Stitchin
* The house on the side of the Hill
* Crafty Pug
* Sheilas quilt world
* BubzRugz
* Vintage Cate
* Stray stitches
* Flower garden
* Cathys creative corner
* Carabou crossing Chronicles
* Cats whiskers
* Highland Hen
* My quilt diary
* Sew its finished
* quilt dad

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  1. Thanks Sue.... I'd like to do a gastronomic tour of Italy too... but I'm a bit late to do it for my 50th!! Thx for award.... xx


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